Different paths for different needs

Each series set is designed for a specific application. A new believer will walk through foundational courses designed to help them understand big picture concepts. For those more familiar with the Bible, New and Old Testament series dig in deep to the biblical text. If you are looking for more life application, our Christian Living Series will show how to apply the truth of God's Word to your daily life. Finding the right path is easy, and following God is worth every step.

These 8 dynamic courses will guide you into a clear understanding of the Gospel and how Jesus Christ offers eternal life to those who believe in Him. The Gospel Series is a toolbox for you as a believer to have studied in order to use in evangelism as you use the courses to reach others for Christ.

Who wouldn’t love to have walked the dusty roads of Palestine with Jesus? Or to have joined Paul and the apostles as they saw the newborn church come alive all over their 1st Century world? Study these 10 courses and you will have walked and talked with Jesus and the apostles as never before.

Real people, in real churches, facing real dangers in anti-Christian cultures, fearing the future. Sounds like the 21st century! Join Paul in this 10 course series to see how similar it was back in the 1st century and how Christians thrived despite all their problems. Listen to the hearts of Timothy, Silas, Peter, James and so many more and learn from their struggles and victories. Finally, sit down with John and hear him explain how it is all going to end. And find out who wins!

Are you reticent to dig into the Old Testament, fearing its length, history and complexity? Those fears fade as soon as you open our first course and the authors will project the historical books in full color and bring the first half of the Old Testament alive and real to you. Take this 9-course challenge.

Everyone loves the Psalms! Half of this 8 course series is in the poetical books and then you will be fascinated with the overview of God’s prophecies. Many were fulfilled when Jesus came to earth. Others are still future and dynamically shed light on many issues and scenarios unfolding right before our eyes in this generation.

These straight-forward studies in the Bible, doctrine, and the early Christian life, provide a good basic foundation of the faith. This 24-course curriculum comes in 2 Parts and will guide you through the Scriptures, as you deepen your knowledge of God, and consequently follow Him better by keeping His Word.

If you enjoyed walking the Emmaus Road learning with Christ in part 1, you will be thrilled with part 2, which takes you through to the fulfillment of the story. Discover the wonders of the Person of Christ and revel at what He has done for you, so that you and walk with Him in victory.

Do you want to be a dedicated disciple of Jesus? Do you want Christ to make you more like Him? These 12 courses will show you what Christ offers to do in your personal life to restore joy, identity, peace, and fulfillment, in a way that is nothing short of miraculous. Jesus promises abundant life to those who walk with Him.

If you have recently trusted Christ as Savior, or if you have never tried Bible study, this is the place for you to start! These 8 concise courses will give you an introductory look at the whole Bible, its primary teachings, and you will get to know Jesus as you walk with Him in 3 of the Gospels. Sunday School and youth leaders, this is a vital resource for you to use with your younger students too. Get to know the material by studying it yourself first.

The Bible is mostly narrative. That is the simplest form of communication so that all can understand. Doctrinal teachings in the Bible are complex, like their Author. Are you ready to grapple with some of the deeper teachings of Scripture. Renowned authors will unpack the most difficult of teachings in this 10 course curriculum in a very dynamic and understandable way that will transform your understanding.

Do you want to live out your Christian faith practically? Christ challenges us to that level of maturity, and these 10 courses will give you some tools to work with. In your own life, and then to be able to help others also as you work with them one-on-one or in small and specialized group settings.

Though many children 10, 12, or older can understand many of the courses, here is a 6 course series just for the younger ones. The topics are the same: Bible teachings, where it all began, it’s all about Jesus, and an overview of the Bible – all in language aimed at primary school children. It’s a secret, but the adults love these courses more than the kids!

Don't see exactly what you are looking for?

If you don't see a series that fits your specific needs, let us help you design your own. Our staff will help you choose courses for your church or group and build your own curriculum. Email us at