Christian Life Series

Do you want to be a dedicated disciple of Jesus? Do you want Christ to make you more like Him? These 12 courses will show you what Christ offers for you to do in your personal life to restore restore joy, identity, peace, and fulfillment in a way that is nothing short of miraculous. Jesus promises abundant life to those who walk with Him.


The Christian Life

This course describes who a Christian is and what a Christian does. The 12 chapters provide guidance and instruction on a variety of topics including how to grow in your Christian walk, the importance of Bible reading, what to do when tempted, and how to serve God.

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Guide to Christian Growth

Your new life in Christ should change the way you think and talk and live. This study will help you see how being a Christian has an effect on every decision you must make in life. It will help you to show that your faith works.

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I'll Take the High Road

The road to heaven begins at the cross, the place where Jesus died to bring us to God. But as a believer, how do you measure your progress along the Christian pathway? How do you know you're growing in your spiritual faith?

This 12-chapter course will guide you in answering these questions. First you will review the work of Jesus Christ at the cross. Next you will study other areas of the Christian life including assurance of salvation, Bible study, knowing God's will, and sharing your faith.

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Plant My Feet on Higher Ground

Personal Success—That’s the promise of God! “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). This Freedom is simply personal success for the Christian. It is the liberty, the ability, and the right to become the kind of person that God had in mind when He created you. Instead of being enslaved by our sin, crippled by ignorance, and bound by tensions—God has promised Freedom.

This course will challenge you to think about biblical Christianity, its characteristics, and its application to our lives. How then shall we live? This course will show you how.

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Forgiving and Being Forgiven 

Forgiving & Being Forgiven concisely presents what the Bible teaches about the one crucial matter in every relationship—the need to forgive one another. Whether you need to forgive someone who has offended you, or you need to be forgiven, this course is your guide for repairing the damage.

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God's Blueprint for Your Marriage

Family life is important to every generation. This practical course will provide fresh insight into the biblical foundation for marriage and family life, the roles of husband and wife in the home, and the role of parents in child rearing and training. It provides insight into what the Bible tells us marriage and family life can and should be.

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Sense and Nonsense about Prayer

Have you ever listened to yourself pray? Did it ever occur to you to think through and analyze your prayers, to examine precisely what you are saying? This provocative course is designed to help us in the way we pray. We will come to see that prayer is a discipline of the Christian life that needs to be exercised according to biblical principles if it is to result in blessing.

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Managing Anger God's Way

Anger is a God-given emotion, not a behavior. It is neither good or bad, though it excites good or bad behavior depending on our inner spiritual condition.

In this study course, we will learn from Scripture about God’s holy anger. Then we’ll begin the difficult task of aligning our selfish anger and unrighteous behavior with God’s righteousness. This task requires each of us to honestly evaluate our anger tendencies, to remove internal conditions that induce angry feelings, and to learn techniques to manage our anger in a God-honoring way.

If you mismanage anger, this course will guide you into better self-control.

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Win the Battle for Your Mind

The Bible tells us a great deal about our minds, including how to deal with unacceptable thoughts so that we can have peaceful and productive minds. Yet the instruction available to us in God’s Word is often overlooked or ignored. This leaves believers unprepared and ill-equipped to live for Christ in today’s secular world.

Win the Battle for Your Mind is a practical resource aimed at correcting this deficiency through a simple and direct look at the Scriptures. These studies will be of genuine help in your daily walk with God.

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The Woman Who Pleases God

The first responsibility of all Christians—both men and women—is to find the place that God has appointed for them. We could have no higher honor than to be what God intended us to be and to do what He sent us to do. What is God’s will for women? The purpose of this course is to examine what the Bible says about women so that we may:

- Determine God’s plan and purpose for women.

- Learn from example and instruction what qualities of character are pleasing to God.

- Discover the New Testament principles governing women’s conduct and relationships.

- Examine the kinds of ministry open to women in the home, the church, the secular world, and the mission field.

- Study spiritual gifts with a view to personal evaluation of gift and a setting of goals according to God’s expectations.

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The Shepherd Leader at Home

Husbands and dads play a crucial role in the health and survival of the family. That’s why leadership expert Tim Witmer has written this course—to strengthen our efforts to lead well. He applies a biblical framework to the role of leadership in the home, showing how effective shepherding involves “knowing, leading, protecting, and providing for your family;” all the while communicating solid principles with a down-to-earth, relatable tone.

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Dying to Self: Finding Life in Christ

There is a war raging within yourself. It is the battle against the flesh, the "old you" which is completely opposed to the Spirit's work in your life. In the book of Galatians, Paul teaches us that we are to crucify the flesh and walk by the Spirit. This course will help you expose your flesh, provides four Biblical methods of dying to self, and explores the areas of your life in which you must walk by the Spirit's power.

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