Emmaus Worldwide Staff

We are all honored and privileged to work together here at Emmaus Worldwide. Each employee is dedicated to glorifying God by providing biblically-sound resources and structured study materials for the purpose of teaching people from every nation to know Jesus Christ as Savior and to live in a way that is consistent with God’s Word.

Ann Alvarenga — Administrative Assistant

Contact for ordering and resource information

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: aalvarenga@EmmausWorldwide.org

Kerry Brown — Marketing Assistant

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: kbrown@emmausworldwide.org

Darlene Fizer — Biblical Studies Coordinator

Contact for Emmaus Course information

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: dfizer@EmmausWorldwide.org

Jim Fleming — International Coordinator

Contact for Global information (including Spanish)

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: jfleming@EmmausWorldwide.org

Mindy Hartbecke — Marketing Lead

Contact for information about

Facebook and newsletters

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: mstiles@EmmausWorldwide.org

Elena Kerns — Student Service Coordinator / Translation Administrator

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: ekerns@EmmausWorldwide.org

Karlyn Meng — Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: kmeng@EmmausWorldwide.org

Tim Priano — Homeschool Coordinator

Phone: (412) 881-1090

Email: tpriano@EmmausWorldwide.org

Josiah Riley — Technology Specialist

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: jriley@EmmausWorldwide.org

Daniel Smith — Publications Coordinator

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: dsmith@EmmausWorldwide.org

Al Stoltz — Prison Ministry Coordinator

Contact for prison and jail information

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: astoltz@EmmausWorldwide.org

Executive Board Members

Dave Harper — Board Member

Imler, Pennsylvania

Elder at East Freedom Chapel

Dorothy Naidu — Board Member

Union City, California

Director of Clinical Quality, Packard Children's Health Alliance (Stanford Children's Health)

Phil C. Parsons — Board Member

Wall Township, New Jersey

Assembly Relations and Missionary Care with CMML

Mark Presson — Board Member

Dubuque, Iowa
VP, Administration and Finance, Emmaus Bible College, retired 2020
Director, Medical Support Services, United States Air Force, retired 2008

Steve Price — Board Member



Ian Taylor — Chairman of the Board

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Pastoral and Teaching Ministry, President, Good Tidings Publishing

G. Mark Woodhouse — Vice Chairman and Secretary

Dubuque, Iowa

Asst. Professor in Aviation, Computer Studies, University of Dubuque

University Faculty, Teaching and Preaching Ministry