We are all honored and privileged to work together here at Emmaus Worldwide. Each employee is dedicated to glorify God by providing biblically sound resources and structured study materials that teach people from every nation to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord, grow in Christ, and share their faith with others.

Steven Modrzejewski — Executive Director

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: smodrzejewski@EmmausWorldwide.org

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Ann Alvarenga — Administrative Assistant

Contact for ordering and resource information

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: aalvarenga@EmmausWorldwide.org

Kerry Brown — Marketing Designer

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: kbrown@emmausworldwide.org

Darlene Fizer — Biblical Studies Coordinator

Contact for Emmaus Course information

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: dfizer@EmmausWorldwide.org

Jim Fleming — International Coordinator

Contact for Global information (including Spanish)

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: jfleming@EmmausWorldwide.org

Mindy Hartbecke — Communications Coordinator

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: mhartbecke@EmmausWorldwide.org

Elena Kerns — Publications Assistant / Translation Administrator

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: ekerns@EmmausWorldwide.org

Gen Kolbasa — Operations Assistant

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: gkolbasa@EmmausWorldwide.org

Jesse McDowell — Editorial Content Manager

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: jmcdowell@EmmausWorldwide.org

Karlyn Meng — Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: kmeng@EmmausWorldwide.org

Tim Priano — Homeschool Coordinator

Phone: (412) 881-1090

Email: tpriano@EmmausWorldwide.org

Daniel Smith — Publications Coordinator

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: dsmith@EmmausWorldwide.org

Kate Smith — Marketing Lead

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: ksmith@EmmausWorldwide.org

Al Stoltz — Prison Ministry Coordinator

Contact for prison and jail information

Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: astoltz@EmmausWorldwide.org

Board Members

Stephanie Lambert — Board Member

Lubbock, Texas

Executive Director for the Texas Home School Coalition

Dorothy Naidu — Board Member

Union City, California

Director of Clinical Quality, Packard Children's Health Alliance (Stanford Children's Health)

Phil C. Parsons — Board Member

Wall Township, New Jersey

Assembly Relations and Missionary Care with CMML

Mark Presson — Treasurer

Dubuque, Iowa
VP, Administration and Finance, Emmaus Bible College, retired 2020
Director, Medical Support Services, United States Air Force, retired 2008

Steve Price — Board Member



Ian Taylor — Chairman of the Board

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Pastoral and Teaching Ministry, President, Good Tidings Publishing

G. Mark Woodhouse — Vice Chairman and Secretary

Dubuque, Iowa

Asst. Professor in Aviation, Computer Studies, University of Dubuque

University Faculty, Teaching and Preaching Ministry