Emmaus Worldwide Staff


We are all honored and privileged to work together here at Emmaus Worldwide.  Each employee is dedicated to glorifying God by providing doctrinally-sound resources and structured study materials for the purpose of teaching people from every nation to know Jesus Christ as Savior and to live in a way that is consistent with God’s Word.

Terry Wilson — Executive Director
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: twilson@EmmausWorldwide.org

Anna Bryan — Manager of North American Operations
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: abryan@EmmausWorldwide.org

Ann Alvarenga — Administrative Assistant
Contact for ordering and resource information
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: info@EmmausWorldwide.org

Karlyn Meng — Senior Accountant
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: kmeng@EmmausWorldwide.org
Darlene Fizer — Biblical Studies Assistant
Contact for Emmaus Course information
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: dfizer@EmmausWorldwide.org

Al Stoltz — Prison Ministry Director
Contact for prison and jail information
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: astoltz@EmmausWorldwide.org

Jim Fleming — Global Coordinator
Contact for Global information (including Spanish)
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: jfleming@EmmausWorldwide.org

Mindy Stiles — Communications Coordinator
Contact for information about Facebook and newsletters
Phone: (563) 585-2070
Email: mstiles@EmmausWorldwide.org

Sean MacDonald — Multimedia Specialist

Media Request
Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: smacdonald@EmmausWorldwide.org

Zack Armfield — Correspondence School Coordinator
Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: zarmfield@EmmausWorldwide.org

Eli Gioja — Operations Administrator/Translation Coordinator
Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: egioja@EmmausWorldwide.org

Eric Robinson — Graphic Designer
Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: erobinson@EmmausWorldwide.org

Simeon Willard — Office Assistant/Warehouse Administrator
Phone: (563) 585-2070

Email: swillard@EmmausWorldwide.org

Marco Arjona — Spanish Ministries Coordinator
Contact for information regarding Spanish Ministry
Email: marjona@EmmausWorldwide.org

Fabian Parra — Spanish Publications Assistant
Phone: (563) 585-2070



Emmaus Partners People whom are considered staff but voluntarily partner in ministry with Emmaus Worldwide.

Micah & Amy Tuttle — Emmaus Partners
Contact for information LIT Discipleship or mission trips to Peru!

Micah Tuttle
Phone: (609) 933-6576
Email: mtuttle@EmmausWorldwide.org

Amy Tuttle

Phone: (609) 933-6575
Email: atuttle@Emmaus

Nate & Priyanka Bramsen — Emmaus Partners

Contact for information LIT Discipleship and Emmaus Resources

Email: nbramsen@EmmausWorldwide.org

Louis & Julie Dooley — Emmaus Partners
Contact for information regarding Prison Ministry & Impact Parters

Louis Dooley
Email: ldooley@EmmausWorldwide.org

Julie Dooley

Email: jdooley@Emmaus