Intermediate Christian Training

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Those already grounded in their Christian faith will want to continue their studies with Intermediate Christian Training. This workbook offers some unique features such as perforated verse cards, charts & diagrams, and Bible study suggestions. Chapters include: Authority of the Bible; Believer’s Position in Christ; Doing the Will of God; Attaining Life Goals; The Spirit of God and His Work in Believers; and Spiritual Gifts.

Pages: 116
Size: 8.5" x 11"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-282-3
Format: Softcover

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Lesson 1 – Authority of the Bible Internal and external witnesses of the authority of God's Word
Lesson 2 – Believer's Position in Christ Position versus practice; relationship versus fellowship; justification and sanctification
Lesson 3 – Doing the Will of God How to determine God's guidance
Lesson 4 – Attaining Life Goals (Part I) How to establish Biblical goals for short-range or long-range; time use analysis
Lesson 5 – Managing God's Resources How to be responsible stewards of God's possessions
Lesson 6 – Attaining Life Goals (Part II) A continuation of 4
Lesson 7 – The Spirit of God His Person and Work Characteristics, personality and deity of the Holy Spirit; the nature of His ministry in general
Lesson 8 – The Spirit of God His Work in Believers, The ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer
Lesson 9 – Spiritual Gifts Definition, classification and utilization of the gifts of the Spirit
Lesson 10 – Servanthood Learning to serve others
Lesson 11 – Personal Holiness Aspects of holiness; practical guidelines for holy living
Lesson 12 – Away From the Lord The causes, costs and cure of broken fellowship with God
Lesson 13 – He Will Come Again Future events and purposes associated with the Lord's return
Appendix A – Personal Evangelism Packet Gospel Memory Plan
Appendix B – Description of Spiritual Gifts An elaboration of the listed spiritual gifts
Appendix C – "Not to Be Ministered Unto" Attitudes that hinder servanthood
Appendix D – Differing Views of Christ's Return Other views on the Lord's return

Author info: O. J. Gibson was for years a close co-worker with Bill MacDonald. He was a premiere personal evangelist and a mentor to missionaries and assembly elders. Mr. Gibson went to be with the Lord in May 2006. 

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