Your Mind Matters

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The Bible tells us a great deal about our minds, including how to deal with unacceptable thoughts. Yet the instruction available to us in God's Word is often ignored. This leaves believers unprepared to live for Christ in today's secular world.

This booklet contains two chapters from the book Win the Battle for Your Mind. The focus is on setting our minds on things above, not on earthly matters. In so doing, we can gain victory over the internal and external attacks that war against our minds. =

Pages: 28
Size: 4.5" x 7"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-050-8
Format: Paperback

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Table of Contents

The Enemy of the Mind
A Heavenly Mind

Author info: During his 60 years, Richard Strauss loved God, and he loved to study His Word. He spent hours each week pouring over the Bible, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach him so that he could teach others. Through his sermons, books and tapes, Dr. Strauss made God’s eternal message relevant to thousands of people worldwide. He had a special gift for making the Bible come alive in a practical way.