Alfred P. Gibbs


Worship: The Christian's Highest Occupation

Pages: 224
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Format: Softcover

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If the title of this book is correct, as we believe it is, then the importance of the subject will be obvious to every child of God. A great deal of confusion exists in Christendom as to just what constitutes worship. It is often confounded with listening to a sermon; with service for the Lord on behalf of others; with testimony to Christ’s saving and satisfying grace; with the preaching of the gospel; with ministry of the Word to believers, and with prayer.

Many Christians put the emphasis of their lives on service for God, to the exclusion of the worship of God. Others swing to the other extreme, and so stress the importance of worship, that service for the Lord is viewed as being of little or no consequence. We must beware of lopsidedness, or of seeking to push one truth of Scripture to an extreme the Bible does not warrant. The believer must seek to maintain the truth of God in its proper perspective and correct balance. The words of our Lord Jesus Christ give the proper order of precedence. In His reply to Satan’s temptation, He said: “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve.” (Matt. 4:10) That quality of worship which does not result in service and that service which does not flow from worship, both come short of the Divine ideal.

We shall consider the subject of worship under the following ten headings:

1. Its meaning, or definition
2. Its importance
3. Its authority
4. Its object
5. Its ground
6. Its power
7. Its manner
8. Its hindrances
9. Its place
10. Its results

Alfred P. Gibbs (1890-1967) was a man born to preach. Brought up with his twin brother Edwin in South Africa, both boys early came to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Edwin (1890-1968) stayed on in South Africa to pursue a fruitful evangelistic and Bible teaching work. Alfred studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and thereafter carried on an itinerant Bible teaching and writing ministry, chiefly in the United States and Canada.

Gibbs published his first book, The Marvelous City of Mansoul in 1926. In all he wrote fourteen books and booklets, including Christian Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, Scriptural Principles of Gathering, and Worship. All his books have intensity like the man who wrote them. He was full of his subject. He also composed poetry and wrote Christian hymns.

Gibbs never married, considering himself a eunuch for the kingdom of God. He was a model of the advice he gave, he was a spiritual man and a practical man, and fun to be with besides. For Gibbs, to hold forth the Word of life was a lifetime passion. 


Chapter 1 — The Meaning of Worship
Chapter 2 — The Meaning of Worship(continued)
Chapter 3 — The Meaning of Worship (continued)
Chapter 4 — The Meaning of Worship (continued)
Chapter 5 — The Meaning of Worship (continued)
Chapter 6 — The Importance of Worship
Chapter 7 — The Importance of Worship (continued)
Chapter 8 — The Importance of Worship (continued)
Chapter 9 — Our Authority for Worship
Chapter 10 — Our Authority for Worship (continued)
Chapter 11 — Our Authority for Worship (continued)
Chapter 12 — The Object of Worship
Chapter 13 — The Object of Worship (continued)
Chapter 14 — The Object of Worship (continued)
Chapter 15 — The Object of Worship (continued)
Chapter 16 — The Ground of Worship
Chapter 17 — The Power for Worship
Chapter 18 — The Manner of Worship
Chapter 19 — The Manner of Worship (continued)
Chapter 20 — The Hindrances to Worship
Chapter 21 — The Hindrances to Worship (continued)
Chapter 22 — The Place of Worship
Chapter 23 — The Results of Worship
Appendix — Direct Address to the Lord Jesus

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