What the Bible Teaches

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The Bible is a story about God stepping into human history to save His rebellious creatures through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The sheer length of the Bible makes it difficult to keep track of what it says about the topics and themes that are central to understanding this story.

In this course, you will learn what the Bible teaches about essential matters of God, salvation, and faith.

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Lesson 1 – The Bible
Lesson 2 – God
Lesson 3 – Man
Lesson 4 – Sin
Lesson 5 – Christ
Lesson 6 – The New Birth
Lesson 7 – The New Birth (continued)
Lesson 8 – Salvation
Lesson 9 – Grace
Lesson 10 – Faith
Lesson 11 – Heaven and Hell
Lesson 12 – The Return of ChristAuthor info: For over sixty years, William MacDonald addressed the key issues of Christianity in clear and simple terms. Leaving a promising business career to serve the Lord Jesus, he traveled worldwide, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. His more than eighty works are characterized by an economy of words that only comes with a major time investment in God’s Word. Although William MacDonald went to be with the Lord in 2008, his writing ministry continues to instruct and teach thousands of people today. 

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Here's What People Are Saying!

What the Bible Teaches was one of the best courses I’ve done so far. I really enjoyed the lessons. They revealed a lot of stuff that was still not clicking in my head. Plus as I read the Bible, I am now starting to understand it a lot better. It gives me the strength to persevere. I may be in jail, but as long as I have Jesus Christ in my heart, everything is good, because God is GOOD!”

Herb, Hawaii

"It was interesting reading the comments of a 13-year-old girl, including her testimony of how she accepted Christ as her Savior 11 months ago. In What the Bible Teaches, for instance, Lesson 4, she said, "I feel it [sin] is one of the worst things, but thanks to God we have the opportunity that God should forgive us, only if we accept Christ." In Lesson 11 she says, "I'll be in heaven with Jesus. I know it because I accepted Christ as my Savior." Giovana accepted the Lord in a children's meeting, and the courses have made some things clear while also teaching her new and important truths."

Ken Russell, Uruguay

"I would like to tell you that when I came into this jail I was lower than I think I have ever been. All was lost. Then the Lord lifted me up through His Word and showed me how much He loves me. Then I found this Bible course What The Bible Teaches. You have no idea how blessed I have been from this prison ministry. I thank God for you!"

Allen, Inmate