Woman Who Pleases God, The

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The first responsibility of all Christians—both men and women—is to find the place that God has appointed for them. We could have no higher honor than to be what God intended us to be and to do what He sent us to do. What is God’s will for women? The purpose of this course is to examine what the Bible says about women so that we may:

  1. Determine God’s plan and purpose for women.
  2. Learn from example and instruction what qualities of character are pleasing to God.
  3. Discover the New Testament principles governing women’s conduct and relationships.
  4. Examine the kinds of ministry open to women in the home, the church, the secular world, and the mission field.
  5. Study spiritual gifts with a view to personal evaluation of gift and a setting of goals according to God’s expectations.

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The late Peter Marshall once prepared a sermon entitled “Keeper of the Springs” in which he stressed the importance of keeping the little springs high in the hills clear and free of impurity if the flowing rivers were to be clean and pure for the blessing of mankind. In a real sense, women are “keepers of the springs,” as they train and influence children and mold the characters of those who will be the leaders of the future. This awesome responsibility and privilege is shared by all women, single as well as married, and the quality of its womanhood has a real influence on a nation’s morality and strength.

May God help us to find our place in His great program and, in the doing of His will, to glorify Him.



Chapter 1 – Created for a Purpose
Chapter 2 – Sin and Its Effects
Chapter 3 – Lessons from the Past
Chapter 4 – A Virtuous Woman
Chapter 5 – The Lord Jesus and Women
Chapter 6 – A Composite Picture
Chapter 7 – Women's Role in the Church
Chapter 8 – Further Instructions to Women
Chapter 9 – Women in the Home
Chapter 10 – Women's Ministry Beyond the Home
Chapter 11 – False and True Liberty
Chapter 12 – Spiritual Gifts