The Ultimate Sacrifice

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Genesis 22 is a valuable landmark of biblical significance and treasure. This chapter overflows with prophetic significance, typology of the Godhead, and an unusually high degree of "first occurrences". The themes are far-reaching across the canon of God's Word. The lessons are contemporary for the Christian life in every generation and culture. The storyline drama will certainly grab the strings of your heart when you step into the shoes of the characters. 

As you study and contemplate Genesis 22, may your heart increase in love for the Savior and in appreciation for the founder of God's earthly people. may Abraham's walk of faith from altar to altar bring you along in your journey to the place where you also may be able to make the ultimate sacrifice of God's calling and claim your life for His honor and glory.

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Edition: AK '13
Pages: 107
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN#: 978-1-59387-178-9
Format: Paperback

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