The Servant of God (Mark's Gospel)

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Mark's Gospel is unique. It is not a biography of Jesus, like Matthew and Luke. It is a record of Jesus' actions and achievements. Everything He did was in service to His Father and ultimately "to give His life a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45). Join us in this study of the Gospel of Mark as he presents Jesus as the Savior-King who conquers demons, disease, and death. 

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Edition: AK '04
Pages: 32
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ISBN #: 978-0-940293-46-5
Format: Paperback

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Lesson 1 – Doing God's Will
Lesson 2 – Some Men Hate God's Servant
Lesson 3 – Teaching the People
Lesson 4 – A Man,a Woman, and a Girl
Lesson 5 – The Love of God
Lesson 6 – What the Fathers Believe
Lesson 7 – The Son of God
Lesson 8 – The Man of Wealth and the Poor Man
Lesson 9 – Jesus Comes as King
Lesson 10 – Teachings about Things to Come
Lesson 11 – Jesus Before the Judge
Lesson 12 – Jesus Give His Life for Men

Author info: Ed Harlow was instrumental in the founding of Emmaus Bible College and the Emmaus Correspondence School. He and his wife also served as missionaries in Africa for many years. R. E. Harlow wrote and published over sixty books in simple English for young believers in developing countries.