Christian Life, The

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This course describes who a Christian is and what a Christian does. The 12 chapters provide guidance and instruction on a variety of topics including how to grow in your Christian walk, the importance of Bible reading, what to do when tempted, and how to serve God

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Edition: AK '05
Pages: 64
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ISBN#: 978-1-59387-056-0
Format: Paperback

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Lesson 1 – Becoming a Christian
Lesson 2 – Growing Strong
Lesson 3 – The Church
Lesson 4 – Reading the Bible
Lesson 5 – Prayer
Lesson 6 – Christian Behavior
Lesson 7 – Temptation
Lesson 8 – When You Sin
Lesson 9 – Serving God
Lesson 10 – Things a Christian Can Be Sure Of
Lesson 11 – Telling Others
Lesson 12 – Heaven, My Home

Here's What People Are Saying!

“I have lived my life thinking I knew about Jesus and God. My thoughts and whole life has changed since I have been reading the Bible and doing your courses and these lessons in The Christian Life.”

– Ron, California

"This study has influenced me in many ways and has given me peace of mind and understanding of things I did not previously know."

– Angel, Florida