Bible—What's in It for You?, The

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The Bible is one of the most ancient and influential books in the world. People throughout the world study, believe, and follow its teachings as the authority in their lives. But what is the Bible, and where do you begin in understanding its message?
This course will introduce you to the Bible's origin and its grand story of God's relationship with humanity. You will learn how to navigate through the pages of the Bible, how it is unified by the consistent theme of God's love and redemption for His world, and how Jesus Christ stands at the center of its story.

Edition: AK '20
Pages: 80
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 978-0-940293-82-3
Format: Paperback

Full Case = 156

Lesson 1 – The Bible: Not Just Another Book
Lesson 2 – Meet the Authors
Lesson 3 – How Did We Get the Bible?
Lesson 4 – What’s the Bible All About?
Lesson 5 – The Bible: A Divine Library
Lesson 6 – Navigating the Bible
Lesson 7 – Old Testament Stories that Never Grow Old
Lesson 8 – New Testament Stories that Are Ever New
Lesson 9  – Unforgettable Bible Characters
Lesson 10  – The Greatest Story Ever Told
Bonus Material: So Where Do I Go from Here?
Here's What People Are Saying!

“My name is Lance, and during the past 40 years, I've been incarcerated for 13 years. I was released from jail in 2006. In 2009, I picked up a bunch of new charges (both state & federal). To sum up the situation, if I lose my trial, I will get 40 years because I am a repeat, repeat offender.

But today, by the grace of God, I am a new person! I have been saved, and God has given me peace and contentment that I never experienced before. One day, I was sitting in my cell when I noticed this short book about Jesus. It was an ECS Ministries study course called The Bible—What's In It For You?

In the 10 months since I picked up that book and started reading, the work that God has done in me is unbelievable. I once used to recruit people to commit crimes and now through the grace of God, I run Bible Study groups in the prison. All the lessons we discuss come straight out of the ECS courses and because every topic is backed by Scripture, it's been really easy to turn it into real-life Bible studies. I've never, at any point in my life, felt more free and more alive. I know it is through God's grace that I have been saved by faith in Jesus!”

– Lance, inmate in Hawaii