The 5th Commandment

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No one enjoys thinking about growing old, yet it is an unavoidable journey that we all face. What’s your perspective and attitude about aging and death?

In this booklet, Sam Thorpe lays a foundation for biblical principles—first addressing the responsibilities of parents in training their children, before discussing the responsibilities of children to their aging parents, and the unique opportunities older people have to support and pray for succeeding generations.
This booklet is written for Christian families who desire to please God and put the timeless principles of His Word into practice.

Pages: 72
Size: 5" x 7"
ISBN: 978-1-59387-231-1
Format: Paperback

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Questions Addressed:
     Where Did Death Come From?
     How Does God Define Death?
     Is Death the Same for Everyone?
     How Do We View Growing Older?
     What Does the Bible Say About the Length of Human Life?
     Does God Offer Us a Promise of Longer Life?
     What Is the First Commandment with a Promise?
     Can We Consider the Ages of Old Testament Characters?
     Was the Promise of Long Life Only to the Nation of Israel?
     What Are the Conditions That Qualify This Promise of Long Life?
     Can This Biblical Promise Be Claimed Today?
     What Do Others Say on This Subject?
     How Shall We Then Live?
     What Should We Teach Children Early in Life?
     How Can Parents Raise a Delinquent Child?
     How Can I Honor My Elderly Parents?
     When Should We Consider the Nursing Home Option?
     Are We Supposed to Honor Our Parents After Their Death
     How Can I Pray for My Children and Grandchildren?
     How Did Christ Honor His Earthly Parents and Heavenly Father?
     How Important Is This Topic to God?
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About the Author

Sam Thorpe, Jr. serves the Lord in an itinerant teaching ministry. He maintains a full speaking schedule among local assemblies, conferences, camps, and serves on several boards of Christian organizations. His ministry overseas has included Africa, Ireland, Germany, Bahamas, Grenada, and New Zealand.

Sam has written and published over forty booklets on a wide range of Bible study lectures and guides, several of which are translated into Swahili and are now printed and distributed in Kenya. Sam plans to focus more attention to writing in the coming years. Some of these works includes The Ultimate Sacrifice: Studies in Genesis 22 and The Word for Today and No Other Foundation: an Exposition of Acts 2:42. He and his wife Barbara are in happy assembly fellowship at Lakeside Bible Chapel, Lincolnton, Georgia.