Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

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Rightly—"straight." Dividing—"cut." In other words, to discern correctly, to accurately understand God's written revelation. This study will help you to gain insight into the differences between Jew, Gentile, and the Church of God, the two natures of the believer, the seven dispensations, and other doctrines that will enhance your appreciation of God's Word and work.

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C. I. Scofield (1843-1921) was converted at 36 years of age. Three years later he was ordained a Congregational minister. He is best known for the Scofield Reference Bible, which popularized Dispensationalism. His reference Bible was a major achievement for a man who lacked formal theological training. Cyrus set out to help others learn the things that would have most helped him when he first set out to understand God's word. The Scofield Bible was printed in 1909 and had an immediate impact on what the average Christian believes. Due in large part to Scofield, vast numbers of Christians now hold the view that Christ will return for Christians before the Great Tribulation, a teaching not held by any significant segment of the church before the mid-1800s.

Chapter 1 – The Jew, the Gentile, and the Church of God
Chapter 2 – The Seven Dispensations
Chapter 3 – The Two Advents
Chapter 4 – The Two Resurrections
Chapter 5 – The Five Judgments
Chapter 6 – Law and Grace
Chapter 7 – The Believer’s Two Natures
Chapter 8 – The Believer’s Standing and State
Chapter 9 – Salvation and Rewards
Chapter 10 – Believers and Professors