Remember the Creator: Introduction to Genesis

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Genesis is the book of beginnings. In Genesis, we read of the creation of the world, the fall of mankind into sin, the promise of a Savior, and the spread of man over the earth. We are introduced to Abraham and follow his family as they live in Canaan and then move to Egypt. Understanding the book of Genesis gives a good basis for understanding the rest of the Bible and God's plan to provide salvation for us from the penalty of sin.

Unit: 1
Edition: AK '10
Pages: 64
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ISBN #: 978-0-940293-26-7
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V. Paul Flint’s writings were the fruit of an extensive preaching and teaching ministry that included 34 years on the faculty of Emmaus Bible College and a regular pulpit ministry. He and his wife, Helen, also had a deep interest in foreign missions which resulted in numerous summers devoted to work with individual missionaries and missionary organizations including Operation Mobilization and Ireland Outreach. 


Chapter 1 – The Creation
Chapter 2 – The Creation of Man
Chapter 3 – The Entrance of Sin
Chapter 4 – Cain and Abel
Chapter 5 – The Flood
Chapter 6 – The Tower of Babel
Chapter 7 – Abraham
Chapter 8 – Isaac
Chapter 9 – The Twins—Jacob and Esau
Chapter 10 – Jacob
Chapter 11 – Joseph Suffering
Chapter 12 – Joseph Glorified

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