Personal Evangelism

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Every time we meet Andrew in the New Testament he is pointing someone to Christ. The first time we see him as a personal worker, bringing his own brother Simon to the Savior (John 1:40-41). What a great day that was in the annals of heaven! The second time we see him he is doing children's evangelism and is bringing a boy to the Lord Jesus (John 6:8-9). The third time he is engaged in foreign missionary work and is introducing certain Greeks to the Master (John 12:20-23). On each occasion, Andrew is engaged in personal evangelism. Andrew seems to have been a firm believer in the maxim "hand-picked fruit is best."

Personal Evangelism
is designed to help you equip yourself for the greatest of all ministries, that of bringing men and women, boys and girls to Christ. To help you understand the task, many Scripture references are given. Be sure to look them all up in your Bible. In each chapter there are eight verses to memorize. If you are serious about becoming a soul winner, you will not only memorize these verses but many more as well. Another good idea would be to underline these verses in your Bible. You will find scores of verses in the book worth adding to your list of verses to memorize. The more Scripture you have at your fingertips, the more confidence you will have in speaking to men and women about their spiritual needs.

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Chapter 1 – The Need
Chapter 2 – The Task
Chapter 3 – Requirements
Chapter 4 – More Requirements
Chapter 5 – Hindrances
Chapter 6 – Types of Sinner
Chapter 7 – Methods in General
Chapter 8 – The Right Approach
Chapter 9 – The Careless and the Deceived
Chapter 10 – Dealing with Delusion and "Churchianity"
Chapter 11 – The Objector and the Skeptic
Chapter 12 – More Types to Deal With

Author info: Alfred P. Gibbs (1890-1967) was a man born to preach. Brought up with his twin brother Edwin in South Africa, both boys early came to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Edwin (1890-1968) stayed on in South Africa to pursue a fruitful evangelistic and Bible teaching work. Alfred studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and thereafter carried on an itinerant Bible teaching and writing ministry, chiefly in the United States and Canada.

Gibbs published his first book, The Marvelous City of Mansoul in 1926. In all he wrote fourteen books and booklets, including Christian Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, Scriptural Principles of Gathering, and Worship. All his books have intensity like the man who wrote them. He was full of his subject. He also composed poetry and wrote Christian hymns. Gibbs never married, considering himself a eunuch for the kingdom of God. He was a model of the advice he gave, he was a spiritual man and a practical man, and fun to be with besides. For Gibbs, to hold forth the Word of life was a lifetime passion.

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