No Time to Quit

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One of the luxuries of 90-year-olds is looking back over the hills and valleys, the ups and downs of a lifetime. I always shunned the idea of a biography on the principle that the more honor you get in this world, the less in the next. But when Della Letkeman asked about it, I agreed to cooperate fully. I had just made, for my own interest, a 90-year summary of the places where I had lived since birth. I had a pile of 35 diaries which Della researched. She also contacted my family and old friends for pictures of stories. After I know not how many hundreds of hours, we spent three days reading the manuscript orally to correct any minute errors which might have crept in. Finally the computer disc was given to Alma Turnbull for typesetting.

The apparent catastrophe in a life can turn out to be just the first steps to some larger advance. Our prayer is that those who read this book will give God the glory and understand that there is no time to quit.

Pages: 320
Size: 5.5" x 8.5
ISBN #: 0-88873-718-1
Format: Paperback 

Chapter 1 – Start of the Race
Chapter 2 – Can We Know God?
Chapter 3 – Desert Journey
Chapter 4 – Feed on My Word
Chapter 5 – That All May Hear
Chapter 6 – Day One
Chapter 7 – Day Two
Chapter 8 – Day Three
Chapter 9 – Calling all Girls
Chapter 10 – Bible School for Boys
Chapter 11 – Winning and Losing
Chapter 12 – Ask in My Name
Chapter 13 – Emmaus Evening Bible School
Chapter 14 – Emmaus Correspondence Courses
Chapter 15 – Emmaus Day School
Chapter 16 – Any Fool Can Quit!
Chapter 17 – Emmaus in Africa
Chapter 18 – Oak Park
Chapter 19 – Why Lord?
Chapter 20 – What Next?
Chapter 21 – Everyday Publications
Chapter 22 – Elbow Room
Chapter 23 – Computers and Commended Workers
Chapter 24 – Never Turn Back

Author info: Della Letkeman and her husband Bill served the Lord as missionaries in Colombia and Ecuador for 13 years. As a commended worker with Everyday Publications for 26 years, Della witnessed the power of God’s Word in transforming lives. Although officially “retired”, she remains active as an author and Editorial Committee coordinator. She now serves with New Life Prison Ministry in Canada. Her latest book is a biography of the Apostle Paul.