Managing Anger God's Way

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Anger is a God-given emotion, not a behavior. It is neither good or bad, though it excites good or bad behavior depending on our inner spiritual condition.

In this study course, we will learn from Scripture about God’s holy anger. Then we’ll begin the difficult task of aligning our selfish anger and unrighteous behavior with God’s righteousness. This task requires each of us to honestly evaluate our anger tendencies, to remove internal conditions that induce angry feelings, and to learn techniques to manage our anger in a God-honoring way.

If you mismanage anger, this course will guide you into better self-control.

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Edition: AK '21
Pages: 136
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ISBN #: 978-1-59387-138-3
Format: Paperback

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Lesson 1 – Initial Insights About Anger
Lesson 2 – Be Responsible
Lesson 3 – Serving God or Our Flesh
Lesson 4 – Investigating the Causes of Anger
Lesson 5 – Learning Christ
Lesson 6 – First-aid Treatment
Lesson 7 – Deflate the Balloon
Lesson 8 – Don't Inflate the Balloon
Lesson 9 – Don't Jab the Balloon
Lesson 10 – Seeking and Receiving Forgiveness


Author info: Warren Henderson was an aerospace engineer, and now serves the Lord with his wife Brenda in "full time" ministry. He is an itinerant Bible teacher and is involved in writing, evangelism, and church planting. Warren and Brenda have four children, one daughter-in-law, and one grandson. They are in fellowship at Ottawa Christian Fellowship, which is the fourth church that they have been involved with starting.


Here's What People Are Saying!

"I just finished Managing Anger God's Way. This study has released me in such a powerful way. I see the difference in my attitude and my response already! It has shown me things about myself I was not aware of. I am a changed man. with a new heart. I have let my anger take so much from me and it has taken its toll. I cannot say enough about this study and how God has used it in my life. I will never get rid of this book."

John Lewis, Buckeye, AZ

"I think every Christian should read or hear a sermon on the entire contents of this booklet. I intend to save this one and reread it when I lose focus and allow my anger to lose focus of God's purpose in life"

Robert Mattausch, Connell, WA

This  study, Managing Anger God’s Way, was as good a  Bible study of this subject as I have ever completed. It directly addressed one of my worst shortcomings — the sin which so easily besets me (Hebrews 12:1).

–David, Texas

“I have learned to release the right to get even. But before I found the Lord Jesus Christ. God promises to forgive the repentant soul. The purpose of confessing sin is to be brought back into fellowship with God."

–Stephen HMP.