Jerusalem's Gates: Illustrating the Christian Life

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In Biblical times, it was the gates as well as the walls of a city that served to protect it from its enemies. The third chapter of Nehemiah is a record of the progressive structural rebuilding of Jerusalem’s gates and walls. The names by which these gates were known—as well as the order in which they are recorded—reveal for us today another kind of structure: the progressive development and growth of a believer in Christ. Join Ian Taylor on a spiritual tour of Jerusalem’s Gates for insights into how the characteristics of each gate correspond to some of the blessings and responsibilities of both the individual Christian and the local church.

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Edition: AK '05
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ISBN #: 978-1-59387-042-3
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Chapter 1 – The Sheep Gate
Chapter 2 – The Fish Gate
Chapter 3 – The Old Gate
Chapter 4 – The Valley Gate
Chapter 5 – The Dung Gate
Chapter 6 – The Fountain Gate
Chapter 7 – The Water Gate
Chapter 8 – The Horse Gate
Chapter 9 – The East Gate
Chapter 10 – The Inspection Gate 

Author info: Ian Taylor, a native Australian, has served the Lord in church-planting, teaching, printing, and publishing ministries across three continents. After 20 years in Colombia as a commended missionary, he moved to the U.S. to help establish a Spanish literature ministry and start an assembly among the Spanish-speaking Hispanics of West Palm Beach, Florida. Ian now lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin where he serves as an elder at Grace Bible Chapel and enjoys an itinerant preaching ministry.


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“Jerusalem's Gates comes with a 24-page study guide and exam booklet enclosed, as it is one of the Emmaus Correspondence School Ministries. Each chapter of the guide is made up of 10 multiple choice questions pertaining to facts about the gate being studied, and one 'What Do You Say?' question designed to allow the reader to express his or her thoughts about the subject of each gate.I highly recommend this book and guide together as an ideal discipleship tool for Sunday school classes and home Bible studies as well as individual use.”

– Larry Ondrejack
Editor, Grace & Truth Magazine