Growing Older, Growing Wiser

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Learn what the Bible says about the challenges and pitfalls of growing older. Discover God’s purposes in the aging process and the unique opportunities that are available for believers in their later years.

“There are about 3,000 people mentioned by name in the Bible. Of those 3,000, we only have enough information to evaluate the lives of about 100 of them. Of those 100, only about one-third of them finished well. Of those who failed, most failed in the last half of their lives.”

–Howard Hendricks

Pages: 224
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-066-9
Format: Softcover

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Part One—The Aging Process
   Chapter 1 – Good News / Bad News
   Chapter 2 – The Purpose of the Aging Process
   Chapter 3 – Some People in the Bible and How They Aged
   Chapter 4 – What Is Happening to My Body?
Part Two—Aging Role Models—Good and Bad
   Chapter 5 – Making Hard Choices: Paul, Abraham, Moses
   Chapter 6 – Overcoming Obstacles: Joseph, Sarah, Daniel
   Chapter 7 – Praying Always: Samuel and Anna
   Chapter 8 – Snared by Worldliness: Noah and Demas
   Chapter 9 – Snared by Sex: David and Solomon
   Chapter 10 – Pride Goes Before a Fall: Miriam and Uzziah
   Chapter 11 – Rejecting Wise Counsel: Joash and Amaziah
Part Three—Dangers to Watch and Choices to Make
   Chapter 12 – Taking It a Bit Too Easy
   Chapter 13 – Living for Pleasure
   Chapter 14 – “The Cup Is Half Empty” Syndrome
   Chapter 15 – Breakdown in Relationships
   Chapter 16 – Botox and Facelift Choices
   Chapter 17 – Walking with the Lord
   Chapter 18 – Maintaining Accountability
   Chapter 19 – Setting Specific Goals
   Chapter 20 – Choosing and Evaluating Activities
Part Four—Drawing on God’s Grace
   Chapter 21 – Dealing with Loss, Healing, and Disease
   Chapter 22 – “When My Trophies at Last I Lay Down” 

Author info: For the past 25 years,Karen Y. Davis has been teaching women's Bible studies and speaking at conferences and retreats. She has written inductive studies for most of the books of the Bible. She has also written for Christian periodicals and for an educational division of the CBS network. She is the wife of a college professor, and a loving mother and grandmother.


Here's What People Are Saying!

“Just had to let you know that I did a series of lessons from your wonderful book for my Sunday School class. What a response the lessons got! Many expressed how the book made them re-evaluate their walk with the Lord and how they want to spend the rest of their lives. Your discussion questions brought out various opinions.It was a great series and everyone really enjoyed it and said it was needed.”

Carol Hudson, Florida

“I’m enjoying Growing Older, Growing Wiser!The print size is perfect . . . I don’t need glasses to read it. I truly appreciate the personal applications as well as the interesting Bible characters to think about in relation to aging.”

Rhonda Kember, California

“Karen, we do so much appreciate your new book! You’ve hit some issues that need addressing among the saints. We’ll be ordering several more copies to pass along to others who need to read such encouraging things.”

Bill Gustafson, Georgia