Faith on Trial

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“Faith on Trial” is the theme of James’s letter to 1st century Jewish believers. Within its five short chapters, James puts their faith (and ours) to the test. He wants to know if our convictions and beliefs are genuine or a cheap imitation. The writer’s purpose is not so much to teach doctrine as to show us how the Word should become real in our lives and how we should conduct ourselves in an increasingly antagonistic society.

This group study guide blends extracts from the Emmaus study course on James with observation, interpretation, and application discussion on the Bible text. Each chapter concludes with practical questions that will reveal how we measure up to the standard of genuine faith in Christ.

Pages: 80
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-044-7
Format: Paperback

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Chapter 1 – Meeting James And His 1st Century Readers James 1:1
Chapter 2 – Growing Through Trials James 1:2–12
Chapter 3 – Resisting Temptation James 1:13–27
Chapter 4 – Purging Partiality James 2:1–13
Chapter 5 – Living Out Living Faith James 2:14–26
Chapter 6 – Training The Tongue James 3:1–12
Chapter 7 – Wising Up To Wisdom James 3:13–18
Chapter 8 – Curing Conflicts James 4:1–10
Chapter 9 – Eliminating Arrogance James 4:11–17
Chapter 10 – Enduring Oppression James 5:1–12
Chapter 11 – Praying, Confessing, And Caring James 5:13–20
Chapter 12 – Reviewing James Together