Discovering Bible Study - Homeschool Edition

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This edition includes the course, Answer Sheet for the student, and Answer Key for the teacher. Please do not hesitate to contact Emmaus Worldwide if there is anything we can do to assist you in the encouragement and growth of your student!

For a follower of Jesus Christ, learning to study the Bible is a life-changing skill. When we learn to study the Bible well, we gain the ability to understand God's truth while avoiding error, and we give the Spirit the opportunity to change us into the likeness of Christ.

This "hands-on" course teaches you the 7 Question Method as a way to study the Bible. This method will be applied to different types of Bible passages (narrative, poetry, characters, etc.), walking you through the process, and in this way equipping you to learn a skill that will help you understand God's Word and apply its truths to your life.