The Coming King - Homeschool Bundle

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This bundle includes the course, answer sheet for the student, and answer key for the teacher. Please do not hesitate to contact Emmaus Worldwide if there is anything we can do to assist you in the encouragement and growth of your student!


The Coming King (Matthew's Gospel)

What this world needs is a King who will rule it with firmness, wisdom, and compassion. This is the kind of King that God has planned for this world. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is God’s Son. But Jesus was rejected when He came to earth the first time, as you will see in your study of Matthew's account of Jesus' life.

Matthew evidently loved "King Jesus" and looked forward to the day when He will reign on earth. Our hope is that this passion and prospect will grip your heart as well.



Chapter 1 – The King Is Born (Matthew 1–2)
Chapter 2 – The Presenting and Proving of the King (Matthew 3–4)
Chapter 3 – The Principles of the King (Matthew 5–7)
Chapter 4 – The Powers of the King (Matthew 8–9)
Chapter 5 – The King Proclaimed and Persecuted (Matthew 10–12)
Chapter 6 – The King Is Rejected (Matthew 13–14)
Chapter 7 – Responses to and from the King (Matthew 15–17)
Chapter 8 – The King Preaches on the Problem of Pride (Matthew 18–19)
Chapter 9 – The Predictions of the King (Matthew 20–22)
Chapter 10 – More Predictions of the King (Matthew 23–25)
Chapter 11 – The Arrest and Trial of the King (Matthew 26)
Chapter 12 – The Death and Resurrection of the King (Matthew 27–28)