Day By Day: Living in the Light

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The biblical letters of James, 1 & 2 Peter, 1, 2, & 3 John, and Jude maybe smaller in size, but are no less inspired. These books capture a variety of theological and practical truths, each distinct in its own way. Like all the other books in the Day by Day series, these daily readings are like mini-commentaries, designed to help you understand each verse or set of verses within the context of the whole book, as the divine original author intended. Yet, not just a theology lesson or a study of literature, these are written to help you grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord. My hope and prayer is that this steady diet of thought provoking readings will help you understand the thrust of each of these NT letters and help you grow in your faith.

Author info: Chuck Gianotti, Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary, has served in full-time ministry for over 40 years as an elder, speaker, teacher, and author. He has served in both the US and Canada and is the former director of Biblical Eldership Resources ( Chuck is the author of numerous books and articles and is vitally interested in discipling men. He speaks at camps, conferences, and other churches on a regular basis. He is married to his wife Mary and together they have two adult children and three grandchildren.