Christian Living 2: High School Set

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Every Set includes 2 Courses, 2 corresponding Verse Card packs, Answer Keys, and Answer Sheets.

Learning Standards: Students will have learned biblical principles for life's big questions, and be challenged to live victoriously in the power of Christ.

This set includes two courses, Answer Keys, Answer Sheets, and additional support resources to give you the tools necessary for simplicity in grading, as well as provide helpful feedback to encourage growth and learning for your student.

Guide to Christian Growth:
Your new life in Christ should change how you think, talk, and live. This study will help you see how being a Christian affects every decision you must make in life. It will help you to show that your faith works.

The Believer's Battle with Temptation:
The temptation to sin is inevitable. But does that mean we can't have victory over it? Although every believer is targeted by evil and confronted with temptation that comes in many ways, understanding the principles in God's Word (as to how we can resist it and triumph over it) will equip and encourage us in our Christian lives. This course is a basic guide to spiritual self-defense. It is theologically sound and intensely practical.