Christian Devotedness

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A complete dedication of material wealth is enforced by the commands of our Savior, and illustrated by the practice of His apostles. As believers, we have the responsibility and privilege of storing up treasures in heaven by using our wealth for the glory of God. In this way, we declare and illustrate our love for Christ.

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Author's Preface
Introduction: "Lay Up Not for Yourselves Treasures Upon Earth"
1 – The Lord Clearly Taught That We Should Not Lay Up Treasures on Earth
2 – Several of Christ's Commandments Are Almost Impossible to Obey When Riches Are Accumulated
3 – Entire Surrender Is as Consistent With Reason as It Is With Revelation

Author info: Anthony Norris Groves, 1795-1853, was a well-to-do dentist who left luxury and wealth in England to preach the gospel in Bagdad, then in India. He put into personal practice the principle of Christian devotedness which he advocates in this pamphlet, and proved the possibility and blessing of accepting the teachings of the Lord literally.