Help others study God's Word

A Place to Start

Most of us want to be used by God in our church and community. We know that Jesus commissioned us to go and make disciples, but often we don't know how or where to start. This can be frustrating, but you are not alone. We want to show you an easy to use method to study God's Word with those in your life.

Emmaus Courses as your resource

Emmaus courses are a great way to start discipling others or lead a small group. They provide a clear place to start and take you on a journey through the scriptures. Take others with you on this journey and grow together in your understanding of God's Word.

Giving you your time back

You want to spend time building relationships with people, not researching and reading reviews of possible books and studies. We offer many curriculums to fit exactly what your group needs, providing you with a path to follow after each course. This gives you your time back to do what is important, spending time with those around you.


As an Emmaus Connector, you provide the bridge between those in your life and Emmaus courses. You are bringing them tools to be able to know God's Word better, and in turn, know Him better. Many lives have been transformed through the study of God's Word using Emmaus courses. Bring this gift to those around you.


Without consistency, students are left wondering what to expect from every new course. Emmaus courses provide a consistent study method so you know exactly what to expect.

Easy Ordering

Ordering is easy whether you are purchasing one course for yourself, or hundreds for your church. Your personal account will save your prior information and make the process a breeze.


Our Connectors receive a unique discount code that automatically gives a 40% discount on all courses. You can share this code with others in your group as well! This enables you to do more with the resources you have been given.