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Add-Ons in Their Proper Place

Anger and Anxiety



Assurance of Your Salvation

Complete in Christ

Do You Know What the Bible Says?

Does A Believer Lose His Salvation If He Sins?


Feelings & Forgiveness


Free Indeed

Freedom from Sin´s Bondage


God Keeps You Saved Forever

God´s Grace and Government

God´s Grace Provision for Pain and Suffering

Great Truths Concerning the Church

In Who´s Name Are We to Be Baptized?

Indwelling Sin

ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY - Do They Worship the Same God

Jesus Alone Can Save

Jesus Is the Christ of God

Jesus´Anointing, Baptism, Temptation, Burial, & Resurrection



Justification by Faith

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

Once Is Enough

One God - Three Persons


Practicing Fellowship in the Oneness of the Body of Christ

Repentance Toward God and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Restoring the Ten Commandments to its God Given Place & Purpose

Resurrection Life

Salvation Is God´s Work

Salvation Is Not by Man´s Work

Security: Does a Believer Lose His Salvation if He Sins & What about Those Who Turn Back?

Sickness & Adversity

Signs and Wonders

Suicide -- The Devil´s Strategy

Temptation and the Origin of Evil

The Challenge of Forgiving Yourself

The Harder the Training the Stronger the Soldier

The Meaning of Baptism

The Promised Prophet

The Sabbath and Christian Holidays

The Sinner Who Believes Is Saved

The Spirit´s Baptism, Filling and Anointing

The Sunday Morning Meeting

The Woman´s Role in Ministry

Thoughts On The Sovereignty of God & The Responsibility of Man

To God Be the Glory (Head Coverings)

Today´s Priesthood and It´s Sacrifices


What About Those Who Turn Back

What Must I Do to Be Saved

Which Religion Is Correct?

Why Believers Get Sick and Die

Why The Bible Is Omitted