Seeing the Invisible God (Study in Gospel of John)

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- Philip: “Lord, show us the Father.”
- Jesus: “He who has seen Me has seen the Father.”

Our God wants us to know Him. He sent His Son to us as “the Word,” the ultimate revelation of God to human beings. With the availability of John’s gospel, we don’t have much excuse for not knowing Him, for John records how God’s Son, in His walk on earth as the man Jesus Christ, explained and demonstrated to us the invisible God.
In this unique 10-lesson study of some of Christ’s “I am” statements, we “see” the One He came to reveal and are challenged to live in light of that knowledge.

Pages: 114
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN#: 978-1-59387-268-7
Format: Paperback

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About the Gospel of John
About John, the Writer
About This Study Guide
Chapter 1 – The Word—John 1:1-18
Chapter 2 – The Messiah—John 4:1-42
Chapter 3 – The Bread of Life—John 6:26-71
Chapter 4 – The Eternal One—John 8:12-59
Chapter 5 – The Light of the World—John 9:1-41
Chapter 6 – The Good Shepherd—John 10:1-30
Chapter 7 – The Resurrection and the Life—John 11:1-46
Chapter 8 – The Way, the Truth, and the Life—John 14:1-31
Chapter 9 – The Vine—John 15:1-16
Chapter 10 – The One in Control—John 18:1-11
Leader’s Notes

Author info: Carol Brown lives with her husband Ron near Sugar Land, Texas where they fellowship and serve the Lord at First Colony Bible Chapel. She has been active for a number of years in teaching women’s Bible study classes there and at Ladies’ Retreats at Sandy Creek Bible Camp. The Browns have two married children. Carol is also the author of Living for God in an Ungodly Culture and God's Comfort for the Believer's Heart.