Dying to Self: Finding Life in Christ

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There is a war raging within yourself. It is the battle against the flesh, the "old you" which is completely opposed to the Spirit's work in your life. In the book of Galatians, Paul teaches us that we are to crucify the flesh and walk by the Spirit. This course will help you expose your flesh, provides four Biblical methods of dying to self, and explores the areas of your life in which you must walk by the Spirit's power.

The good news is that when you die to self and walk in the Spirit, you will find life and freedom in Christ

Edition: AK '19
2 Units
Pages: 112
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN#: 978-1-59387-477-3
Format: Paperback

Full Case = 92


1 – The Flesh
Lesson 2 – Identifying Our Flesh
Lesson 3 – Dying to Self
Lesson 4 – Weakness
Lesson 5 – Suffering
Lesson 6 – Humility
Lesson 7 – Repentance
Lesson 8 – Walking in Truth, Part 1
Lesson 9 – Walking in Truth, Part 2
Lesson 10 – Walking in Love
Lesson 11 – Walking in Prayer
Lesson 12 – Finding Life in Christ