The Miracles of Our Lord

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What Can Jesus' Miracles Teach Us Today?

It lies at the heart of our Christian faith—the profound but simple truth that the same power that can turn water into wine can also breathe life into a long-dead corpse.

These are the miracles of Jesus, evidence that he is the son of God. It is in the gospel accounts of his ministry that we discover his never-failing mastery over the forces of sickness and sin, nature and Satan, life and death.

The facts about each of the 35 recorded miracles of Jesus—complemented by Charles C. Ryrie's biblical research and personal insights—continue to carry a faith-strengthening message to the Lord's followers today.

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Chapter 1 – His First Miracle—Turning Water Into Wine at Cana
Chapter 2 – Take Him at His Word—Healing the Officer’s Son
Chapter 3 – Omnipotence Confronts Importance—Healing the Ailing Man at the Pool of Bethesda
Chapter 4 – Successful Service—The Miraculous Catch of Fish
Chapter 5 – The Authority of Christ—Casting a Demon Out of a Man in Capernaum
Chapter 6 – Lessons learned at Dinner Time—Healing Peter’s Mother-in-law
Chapter 7 – Love and Law—Curing A Leper
Chapter 8 – The Miracle Working Christ bothGod and Man—Healing the Paralyzed Man Let Down Through the Roof
Chapter 9 – Principles for Christian Service—Healing The Man With A Withered Hand
Chapter 10 – A Good Testimony—Healing The Centurion’s Servant
Chapter 11 – The Prince of Live in the Presence of Death—Raising The Widow Of Nain’s Son
Chapter 12 – Pardoning the Unpardonable Sin—Casting a Demon Out of a Deaf and Blind Man
Chapter 13 – In the Storms of Life—What To Do When the Ship Is Sinking
Chapter 14 – What Would Happen if Christ Should Appear?—The Demoniacs of Gadara
Chapter 15 – A Parable of Salvation—Healing the Hemorrhaging Woman Who Touched
His Garment
Chapter 16 – When they Laughed at a Funeral—Raising Jairus’s Daughter from the Dead
Chapter 17 – Faith and Folly—Healing Two Blind Men
Chapter 18 – Stick Out Your Tongue—Healing the Mute Man
Chapter 19 – The Lord is Faithful—Feeding Five Thousand Men
Chapter 20 – The All-Sufficient Savior—Christ Walking on The Water
Chapter 21 – Principles for Prayer—Healing the Syro-phoenician’s Daughter
Chapter 22 – The Plight of all People—Healing a Deaf Man
Chapter 23 – Feasting on the Bread of Life—Feeding Four Thousand Men
Chapter 24 – Growing in Grace—Opening a Blind Man’s Eyes at Bethsaida
Chapter 25 – The Power of Christ—Curing an Epileptic Boy
Chapter 26 – To Pay or Not To Pay, That Is the Question—The Coin in the Fish’s Mouth
Chapter 27 – Confronting the World’s Blindness—Giving Sight to the Man Born Blind
Chapter 28 – Hypocrisy in Action—A Woman Loosed from Her Infirmity
Chapter 29 – Inflexibility can be Good or Bad—Healing The Man With Edema
Chapter 30 – The Lord of Circumstances—Raising Lazarus
Chapter 31 – The Society of the Thankless Nine—Healing Ten Lepers
Chapter 32 – The Savior and His Salvation—Giving Sight to Bartimeus and His Friend
Chapter 33 – Hypocrisy—Withering the Fig Tree
Chapter 34 – “A Time to Heal”—Healing Malchus’s Ear
Chapter 35 – The Secret of Revival—The Disciples’ Final Exam—The Miraculous Catch of Fish
Chapter 36 – Because He Lives

Author info: Charles C. Ryrie (A.B., Harverford College; Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh; Litt.D., Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary) is the editor of the popular Ryrie Study Bible and author of many best-selling books including The Basis of the Premillennial Faith,The Miracles of Our Lord, and Biblical Theology of the New Testament. Dr. Ryrie has served in numerous professional capacities including President of Philadelphia Biblical University, and Chairman and Professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.


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"The Miracles of Our Lord is a practical devotional studies on each of Christ's 35 recorded miracles. Though brief, these studies are based on careful exegesis and contain helpful insights. If you plan to do a series on Christ's miracles, have this book on hand."

–Back to the Bible

"Dr. Ryrie, in explaining the thirty-five recorded miracles of Christ, shows us more facets of the Person who performed them. His aim is not only to present the facts about each miracle, but to show what these facts tell us about the Lord."

– Librarians World

"This book is an up-market introduction to the 35 miracles attributed to our Lord. It is fast-moving and keeps the reader on his toes as he comes face to face with each graphically portrayed incident. The explanations are sounded and Biblical and genuinely draw the reader's attention to focus on Christ. Well outline, it would be a proverbial 'paradise' for preachers and bible-Class teachers - but, having said that all will profit from perusing its pages. Why not treat yourself to a copy and feel the strings of the Spirit within as you realize afresh that He is a God of Miracles!"

– Rev. Samuel Gordon