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Nothing happens in life by chance. Everything is planned or permitted.

It was no chance that this booklet came into your hands.

It contains truths which, if accepted, could change the whole direction of your life. Not only that—it tells you how you can enjoy forgiveness of sins, peace with God, and the assurance of a home in heaven after this life is over.

The following pages answer questions that you may have been thinking. Certainly it answers questions that everyone should be asking.

Take a few minutes to read it carefully.

The last answer is the crucial one. If you take the action that is described, you will be forever grateful.

Pages: 32
Size: 5" x 7"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-218-2
Format: Softcover

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1 – What is the most important thing in life?
2 – Why is there any problem? Why is there any question about it?
3 – What is sin?
4 – You make me feel guilty. Don’t you want me to have a good self image?
5 – If good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell, then what do I have to worry about?
6 – Do you mean to say I’m as bad as a lot of other people I know?
7 – If I keep the Ten Commandments and do the best I can, isn’t that enough?
8 – If we can’t keep the Ten Commandments, why were they given?
9 – Isn’t there any way I can atone or make up for my own sins?
10 – Do you mean to say that I have been wrong in doing penance for my sins?
11 – What do you mean by repentance?
12 – Isn’t there some way I can earn or merit my salvation? That would please me very much.
13 – You keep saying that salvation is by grace. What do you mean by that?
14 – Then do I understand that you don’t believe in good works?
15 – I was baptized when I was a baby. Isn’t that enough?
16 – Look! Put it to me simply. What do I need in order to be saved?
17 – What do you mean by being born again?
18 – You say that the only way to be saved is through faith in Christ. Isn’t it narrow minded to think that there is only one way?
19 – What does it mean to have faith or to believe?
20 – Isn’t faith a leap in the dark?
21 – Isn’t the gospel too easy? Too cheap?
22 – How can I tell if I have believed in the right way, if I have enough faith, or if I have the right kind of faith?
23 – You say that you don’t have to do anything to be saved, that all you have to do is believe. Isn’t that a contradiction?
24 – How can I know that I’ll be able to hold out after I’m saved?
25 – If all you have to do is believe, then can’t you go out and live any way you want?
26 – If I sin after I’m saved, don’t I lose my salvation?
27 – But I know a man who was saved, then he sinned and was lost. What do you have to say to that?
28 – You say that when a person is saved, he receives forgiveness of sins. But what about sins committed after he is saved?
29 – What happens if, after I’m saved, I die with unconfessed sins?
30 – You say that Christ died for all. Why then aren’t all saved?
31 – If I trust Christ, will I have a great emotional experience?
32 – How will I know it when I am saved?
33 – Don’t I have to clean up my act before I come to Jesus?
34 – Isn’t it presumption for a person to say that he is saved?
35 – If you Christians are right, why are there so few of you?
36 – If God is all-powerful, why does He allow wars, tragedies, suffering, and sorrow?
37 – If God is a God of love, how could He send people to hell?
38 – What bothers me is that there are so many hypocrites in the church.
39 – I hesitate because I believe that all the church wants is my money.
40 – If I get saved, do I have to be baptized?
41 – I feel that I should trust Christ, and yet I am afraid to do it. Can you tell me what is the trouble?
42 – I’m afraid I will have to give up too much if I become a Christian. The cost is too high.
43 – I think I’ll put it off until later in life. Isn’t that OK?
44 – I admit that I could be killed suddenly in an accident, but what’s that about the Lord’s coming?
45 – Are you talking about the end of the world?
46 – Ok, then, tell me once more, as simply as you can, how I can be saved and sure of it.
Just As I Am—story
Just As I Am—Poem

Author info: For over fifty-eight years, William MacDonald addressed the key issues of Christianity in clear and simple terms. Leaving a promising business career for the Lord Jesus, he traveled worldwide, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. His more than eighty works are characterized by an economy of words that only comes by a major time investment in the Word. Although William MacDonald went to be with the Lord in 2008, his writing ministry continues to instruct and teach thousands of people today.

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