Acts, The Book of

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The Book of Acts tells us how the early church faced the challenge of taking the gospel to the world. It tells how the gospel made its way westward until at last it reached Rome. It is a book of people and places. You will find this study simple yet stimulating and satisfying. It is a fast-moving survey of those stirring events which changed everything.

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Ed Harlow was instrumental in the founding of Emmaus Bible College and the Emmaus Correspondence School. He and his wife also served as missionaries in Africa for many years. R. E. Harlow wrote and published over sixty books in simple English for young believers in third world countries. 


Lessons 1 – The Book Itself
Lessons 2 – The Coming of Pentecost
Lessons 3 – Triumph and Testing
Lessons 4 – A Martyr and a Missionary
Lessons 5 – Two Key Conversions
Lessons 6 – Growing Pains
Lessons 7 – The Regions Beyond
Lessons 8 – The Second Round
Lessons 9 – More Worlds to Conquer
Lessons 10 – Paul Is Arrested
Lessons 11 – The Appeal to Caesar
Lessons 12 – Perils and Prison

Here's What People Are Saying

“I am using myself as a testimony to others, telling them about the good work of the Lord in my life, about how He saved me and how my life changed completely since I started to know Him.

–Theodora HMP