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Anthony, Ed

Is a Better Home Awaiting? – CD
Personal Financial Stewardship

Baehr, Conrad and Myrtle

Campaigning for Christ

Benoit, Gregory

The Seven Last Things: Study Guide

Brooks, Cyril M.

Guide to Christian Growth

Brown, Carol

God's Comfort for the Believer's Heart
Living for God in an Ungodly Culture
Seeing the Invisible God

Burnett, W. H.

Church Discipline

Bush, William N.

Basic Doctrines of the Christian Faith

Burson, Marilyn

Biblical Servanthood
To God Be the Glory
Run the Race

Catron, James L. R.

The Minor Prophets
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Law & History
Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy

Clarke, Arthur G.

Enjoying the Song of Songs

Coleman, Charles G.

That Voice Behind You

Daughters, Kenneth A.

New Testament Church Government

Davis, Karen Y.

Growing Older, Growing Wiser

Dibble, Arthur

God Is There

Dobson, James

Marriage Under Fire

Dyer, Kevin G.

The Bible Tells Me So
One God, One Way

Dyet, James T.

The Bible—What's In It For You?

ECS Ministries

2016 Assembly Address Book
Faith on Trial
The Greatest Man Alive
Jail Impact Ministries Guidebook
Men Who Met Jesus
Who Is the Greatest Man Alive?


Finlay, Matthew

The God Who Speaks to Man

Fish, John H., III

Understanding the Church
Understanding the Trinity

Fleming, Jim

An Evening in Mingouwee

Fleming, Ken

Assurance of Salvation
Biblical Principles of Church Growth
The Challenge of Change in Assembly Missions
Discovering Bible Study
Discovering Christ in the Psalms
Exodus: The Formation of a Nation
Genesis: From Creation to a Nation
God's Mandate for Missions
God's Voice in the Stars
He Humbled Himself
John the Baptist: Prophet of the Highest
Joshua: The Conquest of Canaan
Judges: Disobedience, Departure, Discipline, & Deliverance
My God and I: Selected Psalms
1 Peter
2 Peter and Jude
Peter Fleming: A Man of Faith
Securely Saved and Sure of It!

Fleming, Sharon

Around the Table
An Evening in Mingouwee

Flint, V. Paul

Remember the Creator
Strangers and Pilgrims
The Letters to Timothy and Titus
Things Jesus Said and Did

Fuchs, Daniel

From Bondage to Freedom

Fraser, James W.

Cremation: Is It Christian?

Fraser, Neil M.

The Lord's Supper and Baptism

Gaebelein, A. C.

Gabriel and Michael

Gianotti, Chuck

Day by Day in the Gospel of Matthew
The Formation of the New Testament
Day by Day in Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians & Colossians
Day by Day in the Upper Room

Gibbs, Alfred P.

A Dreamer & His Dream
An Introduction to a Study of Church Truth
Child Evangelism
Christian Baptism
God's Good News
Personal Evangelism
Preach the Word
The Preacher and His Preaching
The Lord's Supper
Through the Scriptures
Worship: The Christian's Highest Occupation

Gibson, O. J.

Advanced Christian Training
Basic Christian Training
Better Homes & Marriages
The Dynamic Church
Follow-Up Guide for New Christians
"I Am a Christian" True or False?
Intermediate Christian Training
Living Discipleship Principles
Spiritual Revival
Survey in Basic Christianity

Glock, David A.

Our Reason To Be
Walking with Jesus: 90 Devotionals on the Life of Christ

Gosset, Dean L.

A Journey Through the Bible

Gourlay, Dr. N. J.

Church Symbols for Today

Groves, Anthony N.

Christian Devotedness

Gruber, Randy

Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint
God's Grace Provision
Repent or Perish

Gunn, James

I Will Build My Church

Harlow, R. E.

Basic Bible Doctrines
The Servant of God

Hawk, Minor C.

Gospel Gems from Acts to Revelation
Gospel Gems from the Four Gospels
Gospel Gems from the Old Testament

Hawkins, O. S.

Jonah: Meeting the God of the Second Chance

Hay, E. G. W.

Savior of the World

Heading, John

Acts: A Study in New Testament Christianity
The Book of Daniel
From Now to Eternity
Understanding 1 & 2 Chronicles 

Henderson, Warren

Knowing the All Knowing
Managing Anger God's Way

Henrich, Stuart

Living Your New Life

Hernandez, Amy

UnStuck: Moving Beyond Defeat

Hewlett, C. Douglas

Perfect Person, Perfect Work

Hopkins, Dick

How to Succeed on the Streets

Looking for Diamonds in a Coal Bin
Proverbs for Life

King, Mary

Names of God
The Three Marys: Devoted Disciples of Jesus

Knapp, C.

Kings of Israel
Kings of Judah

Kosin, Frederick L.

Blessings All Mine with 10,000 Besides!
Letters Missionaries Never Write

Kroll, Woodrow M.

Early in the Morning

Larking, Lewis

The Christian Life

Letkeman, Della

No Time to Quit

Linhardt, Keith

Divine vs. Natural Viewpoint
God's Grace Provision
Repent or Perish

Little, R. J.

The Letters to the Thessalonians

Lutzer, Erwin W.

The Vanishing Power of Death

MacDonald, William

Armageddon Soon?
The Bible Tells Me So
Born to Win
Christ Loved the Church
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
Doing Time with Jesus
Ecclesiastes: Is There Meaning to Life?
Enjoying the Book of Acts
Enjoying the Minor Prophets
Enjoying the Psalms
Enjoying the Proverbs
Fundamental, Important, and Non-Essential Issues
God's Answers to Man's Questions
God's Word Is Truth
The Grace of God
Grasping for Shadows
Guide to Christian Growth
Lessons for Christian Living
The Letters of John
Letters to the Thessalonians
The Letters to Timothy and Titus
Let Me Introduce You to the Bible
Let Me Introduce You to the Bible - Maps & Charts
The Lord's Supper and Baptism
Old Testament Digest: Job through Malachi
Philippians, Colossians and Philemon
Seek Ye First
Summary of the Bible
That's a Good Question
There's a Way Back to God
Think of Your Future
To What Should We Be Loyal?
True Brokenness
True Discipleship
What the Bible Teaches
Winning Souls the Bible Way

MacKintosh, C. H.

The Life and Times of David

MacLeod, David J.

The Seven Last Things

Mackay, Harold

The Christian Woman in God's Family and Church
The Coming of Christ

Martin, Alfred

Biblical Stewardship
Through the Scriptures

Matthews, Victor M.

Plant My Feet on Higher Ground

Mattix, Jerry

Dear Muslim Friend

Meyer, F. B.

Peace, Perfect Peace

Norbie, Donald L.

Acts: The Pattern Church
Baptism: The Church's Troubled Water
Danny: A Life Cut Short
He Died Climbing
He Loved to Plant
The Lord's Supper: The Church's Love Feast
New Testament Church Organization
1 Timothy: Timeless Truths for Today's Church
2 Timothy & Titus

Orr, Dr. William

How to Grow in the Christian Life!

Pell, Peter J.

Gideon: Mighty Man of Valor

Phillips, John

I'll Take the High Road
Men Who Met the Master
You Can Live Forever

Porter, Mark

The Time of Your Life

Rainey, W. Ross

Joseph: A Life of Virtue
Portraits From Paul's Pen

Reid, David R.

The 7 C's of Decision Making
Is Jesus Christ Lord?
Principles and Rewards of Giving
Ready to Give an Answer
Study to Show Yourself Approved

Reid, John

Eternal Dwellings
F. W. Grant: His Life, Ministry and Legacy

Ryrie, Charles C.

The Basis of the Premillennial Faith
Biblical Theology of the New Testament
The Miracles of Our Lord

Schneider, Christine

Goodness for God's Sake
Lessons in Trust

Scofield, C. I.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Sevener, Harold A.

From Bondage to Freedom

Smart, Fay

The Woman Who Pleases God

Smith, Daniel H.

God's Blueprint for Your Marriage
How to Lead a Child to Christ

Soderholm, Beverly

Golden Keys
Tell Me the Story of Jesus

Spitale, Lennie

Walkin' the Walk: A Practical Guide for Christians in Prison

Stahr, James A.

The Life and Prophecies of Daniel

Stephenson, Mike

New Testament Priests, Speak Up!

Stover, Gerald L.

Jesus Christ, Greater Than All

Strauch, Alexander

Biblical Eldership

Strauss, Lehman

Sense and Nonsense About Prayer

Strauss, Richard L.

Decisions! Decisions! How to Really Know the Will of God
Getting Along with Each Other
Win the Battle for Your Mind
Your Mind Matters

Swartley, Richard H.

Eldership in Action

Tatham, C. Ernest

Bible Prophecy
The Coming King
The Holy Spirit at Work

Thigpen, Jonathan

Teaching Techniques

Thorpe, Sam, Jr.

The 5th Commandment
Look Straight Ahead
No Other Foundation: An Exposition of Acts 2:42
The Ultimate Sacrifice: Studies in Genesis 22
The Word for Today

Truth and Praise, Inc.

Choice Hymns of the Faith
Hymns of Truth and Praise
Hymns of Worship and Remembrance

Taylor, Ian

Jerusalem's Gates: Illustrating the Christian Life

Van Ryn, August

Acts of the Apostles: The Unfinished Work of Christ
Meditations in John
Meditations in Luke
Meditations in Mark
Meditations in Matthew

Vogl, Joseph M.

Understanding the Church

Waggoner, R. Jay

The Believer's Battle with Temptation
Enticed by Evil
Forgiving and Being Forgiven
Repairing Broken Relationships

Williams, John

Blessed Trinity
For Every Cause?
Lord of Glory
Safe and Secure

Williams, Peggy Deans

Bwana Bill

Witmer, Timothy Z.

The Shepherd Leader at Home

Woodring, H. C.

The Letters to the Thessalonians

Young, Jean

The Woman Who Pleases God




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