Follow-Up Guide for New Christians

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Follow-up means helping someone who has made a profession of faith in Christ to get started in their new life and to go on well for the Lord.

With the help of a more mature Christian, this practical book will take the new believer step-by-step through some of the most important aspects of their new faith, including:

  • Assurance of salvation
  • The meaning of baptism
  • The importance of spending time with God
  • Learning how to pray
  • Getting involved in a good local church
  • Sharing your faith with others

The twelve chapters provide a valuable foundation that will help the new believer to grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Each chapter provides study in the Word of God, Bible memorization, and some penetrating questions to ensure that they get the greatest benefit from the time spent with their mentor or study leader.

The book also provides helpful tools for the instructor to make sure that the time together is productive and covers all the important areas. If you are seeing people come to a saving knowledge of Christ in your local church, camp, Bible study, or neighborhood, this simple but comprehensive book will be extremely helpful.

Pages: 64
Size: 7 x 9"
ISBN #: 978-0-940293-90-8
Format: Softcover 



Lesson 1 – Becoming a Child of God
Lesson 2 – Assurance of Salvation
Lesson 3 – Baptism
Lesson 4 – Spending Time With God
Lesson 5 – Learning to Pray
Lesson 6 – Living the Christian Life Victoriously
Lesson 7 – Fellowship With God
Lesson 8 – Obeying Your Lord
Lesson 9 – Your Spiritual Family, the Local Church
Lesson 10 – Sharing with Others the Way of Eternal Life
Lesson 11 – Controlled by the Holy Spirit
Lesson 12 – Doing the Will of God

Author info: O. J. Gibson was for years a close co-worker with Bill MacDonald. He was a premiere personal evangelist and a mentor to missionaries and assembly elders. Mr. Gibson went to be with the Lord in May 2006.

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