The Emmaus Road Series


Mile 7 – The Master Pack (Coming January 2020)

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Mile 7 is the seventh pack in the Emmaus Road, our suggested curriculum for studying the Scriptures through the Emmaus courses. This mile is a capstone pack of 4 courses that ends the Emmaus Road with a final study of the Master and a challenge for you to have steadfast faith in Him.

21) Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy - A in-depth study of the poetry and prophecy of the Old Testament. 

22) Isaiah - A story of intrigue and drama that reveals God's heart for the world.

23) Discovering Christ in the Psalms - A closer look at a number of the Psalms intentionally quoted in the New Testament in order to reveal Christ.

24) Letter to the Hebrews - This final course is both a challenge to you to remain steadfast in your faith and an invitation to see how all the Law, Psalms, and Prophets pointed to Jesus Christ, our faithful High Priest.


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