The Emmaus Road Series


Mile 6 – The Redemption Pack (Coming Soon)

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Mile 6 is the sixth pack in the Emmaus Road, our suggested curriculum for studying the Scriptures through the Emmaus courses. This mile is a pack of 4 courses that begin to tie together the scriptures for you.

17) Old Testament: Law & History - A study of the Law and history revealed in the Old Testament.

18) Genesis 1-12 - An in-depth look into the first 12 chapters of the Bible laying the groundwork for the rest of the Bible and introducing its key theological concepts.

19) Judges- A study of Israel's pattern of rebellion, sin, and failure to keep the Law of God, emphasizing their need of a Savior.

20) Romans - A look into the apostle Paul's demonstration that Jesus’ death on the cross is the answer to human sin and Israel’s disobedience demonstrated in the previous courses of this pack. 


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