The Best Choice

for your student this year

The Best Choice

for your student this year

Bible Courses

We believe the Bible is the foundation for all knowledge. No matter what school looks like for your student, you can integrate Bible courses into their learning experience.

Whether homeschool or distance learning, Emmaus courses provide a foundation in biblical truth in an easy to use format. Purchase an Emmaus course now to make sure your student starts off on the right foot.

New Challenges, New Opportunities

Learning at Home

Whether you have been homeschooling for years or adjusting to our new reality of distance learning, your family will feel right at home with our courses. The chapters are kept brief, and end with a short and simple multiple-choice exam and a few questions about how the content applies to your child's life.

Curriculum for All Ages



First Course







Earn a Certificate

Your student can earn a certificate from our Correspondence School. Simply complete and send in their exam to receive a grade, and we will mail back a certificate.

If a student completes an entire curriculum, a curriculum certificate will be sent to recognize their achievement.

Questions about our content and theology?