Messianic psalms

Almost every Psalm has a prophetic note. In fact, much of prophecy is
discussed or alluded to in the Book of Psalms. The various authors of the Psalms run their fingers up and down the golden harp of revelation and fill the book with music that throbs and thrills of future events.But some of the Psalms are different. They are referred to and quoted by the New Testament writers in such a way that it is obvious they spoke specifically of Christ. His coming, His life and ministry, His death and burial, His position today at God’s right hand, His coming in power to reign— all these truths ring out from the Messianic Psalms.
This course covers fourteen Psalms which unmistakably foretold the
“things concerning Himself.” In studying the lessons, you will be truly
blessed with the message and impact of these poetic Scriptures.

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