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Dear Skeptic Friend

Dear Skeptic Friend strives to present logical answers to the big questions of life based both on the biblical narrative and verifiable scientific data–questions like:

- Can belief in God stand the test of logic and science?

- If God exists, how can he allow so much evil in the world?

- How can we possibly trust the Bible to be reliable?

- What about all the contradictions in the scriptures?

Humans are wired to inquire. People long to find answers to life's most essential enigmas. Tackling these tough issues is not only reasonable, but also necessary if we hope to have any peace of mind.



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Dear Muslim Friend


Dear Muslim Friend seeks to answer the basic questions Muslims are commonly asking about Christianity. These include:

- Hasn't the Bible been changed?

- How could Isa [Jesus] be the Son of God?

- Didn't someone else die on the cross instead of Isa [Jesus]?

Misunderstanding on these and related issues continues to feed the misconception that cloud East and West relations. This book is designed to provide answers in an easily-understood format. More importantly, it sheds light on God's truth as it relates to the salvation God offers to all people.



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About the Author

Jerry Mattix, along with his wife Sarah and their three children, have been living in the Middle East since 2001. They met at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA, where Jerry received his Bachelor in Biblical Studies. Currently they reside in Northern Cyprus where they serve in a local church and also reach out to students from across the Middle East.