Emmaus Connection Article - Emmaus in Africa, Africans in Sweden

January 2017
3 weeks, 4 countries, 99 new experiences, 100’s of Emmaus students met.
Emmaus in Africa
95 degrees in Chad, 99% humidity in Cameroon.
3 hours of electricity a night in the Central African Republic (CAR).
26,000 courses a year studied in Chad, 12,000 last year in CAR.
6,000 in Cameroon – and growing fast!
Strong leadership in Chad reaching 1,400+ Assemblies, courageous team in CAR encountering civil unrest.
Second generation leadership starting this year in Cameroon, plus a new school for the English speaking north.
Emmaus is administered by ZAM (Central Africa Mission) in all 3 countries.
Snowing in Sweden
Emmaus students there are Eritreans. Where is Eritrea?
Try Northeast Africa on your map.
Converting to Christ = death there, so they flee to Europe.
Emmaus has a new school in Sweden, in the Tigrinya language. 30 graduated.
Graduates came from Italy & France, Eritreans are starting Emmaus courses all over Europe, ZAM will print in Germany.


Chad Corrector conference

Chad woman

Chadian graduates

Head-dresses are colorful in Africa

Emmaus central office - Chad

Emmaus offices around the country look like this

African countryside

Chad Emmaus leader, Bartholemy (top, right)

Central African Republic Emmaus Leadership Team

Emmaus church in Central African Republic

Emmaus students in Central African Republic

Emmaus leaders in Central African Republic

Graduates from the baptist church in Bangui, CAR

Cameroon tropical vegetation

English speaking graduates in north Cameroon

Cameroon students

Younde, capital of Cameroon

Eritrean graduates in Sweden

Eritrean graduate in Gothenburg, Sweden

Eritrean graduation in Sweden