The Letter to the HEBREWS

The letter to the Hebrews explains that the sacrificial system of the Old Testament is a picture of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus came to fulfill. Hebrews weaves together these two realities in a profound way that shows the intricacy of God’s plan throughout history. It also shows the Lord Jesus Christ, our High Priest, to be superior in His person, superior in His functions, and superior in His resources. We hope this course will help you understand the letter to the Hebrews and the themes in it to grow in your faith and encourage your life in Christ.


About the Emmaus Bible Challenge

This is the 13th annual Emmaus Bible Challenge. This nationwide event invites groups, churches, and individuals to study the a Bible course together. Gather a group of people and study the same course with fellow Christians all around the country.

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Biblical text-based study

Written by respected Bible Professor

Easy to read format

Exam included to evaluate your learning

Group or individual participation

Certificate awarded upon completion


Eligibility - Who can participate?

  1. The Emmaus Bible Challenge is open to anyone in the USA.
  2. A team needs a minimum number of 5 participants. There is no limit to team size.
  3. Participants should be at an age that they are able to complete the exams without outside assistance.
  4. If a participant has previously taken the chosen course with Emmaus Worldwide’s Correspondence School, they can participate in the Challenge; however, their existing grade will not be changed in their transcript.

Registration - When should I register?

  1. Enrollment begins on October 1st, 2020. Participants may continue to register until December 1st, 2020.
  2. Each team must submit an online registration form to register their team. All information should be completed, and all fees should be paid prior to materials being released.
  3. The cost is $9.00 per participant, which includes the course "Hebrews" by David MacLeod, mailings, grading, and commenting.

Coordinator Responsibilities - What leaders can expect

Coordinator Responsibilities

The Coordinator acts as the team leader and as the interface between the team and Emmaus Worldwide.

  Materials you will receive from Emmaus Worldwide:

  • Participant sign-up list (See Promo Materials)
  • The course "Hebrews"
  • Exam (one per student)
  • Single page answer sheet
  • Certificates (Received at the completion of the Challenge)
  • Prepaid envelopes for mailing team’s completed answer sheets

  Materials you will receive from participants:

  • Sign up information
  • Course fee
  • Single page answer sheet


  • Each participating group will name a Coordinator who will liaise with the Emmaus Worldwide Correspondence School, sending materials to Emmaus Worldwide and receiving materials from Emmaus Worldwide.  
  • Advertise the Challenge, organize the team, collect information to complete the Participant Sign-Up List, and collect fees.
  • Signup the team at www.EmmausWorldwide.org/Challenge
  • Receive materials: Study text and exam (1 per student), single page answer sheet from Emmaus Worldwide.  
  • Coordinator distributes the materials to each local participant.
  • Participants complete the exam and the exam answer sheet and return to the Coordinator.
  • Coordinator collects the exam answer sheet, checks all names and addresses, and sends to Emmaus Worldwide using the prepaid envelope.
  • Emmaus Worldwide grades and returns the exam answer sheet to the coordinator.
  • Coordinator distributes to the participants.
  • Coordinator keeps the team on schedule and provides opportunity for the group to be together for videos if desired.
  • As applicable, the Coordinator receives and distributes certificates.

Important Dates

October 19, 2020 ------- Courses will begin being shipped

December 1, 2020 ----- Deadline to register your team online for the Challenge

January 4, 2021 -------- Challenge begins!

February 5, 2021 ------ Update 1

March 5, 2021 --------- Update 2

April 2, 2021 ----------- Exam Answer Sheets due to Coordinator

April 9, 2021 ----------- Competition submissions postmarked to Emmaus Worldwide


FAQs - A few frequently asked questions

1. Why must we mail the final Exam Answer Sheet by April 9, 2021?

The Emmaus Bible Challenge includes a large number of teams. The end date is equal for all groups and enables Emmaus Worldwide to grade and return each group’s exams in a timely fashion.


2. Does the cost of the course ($10.00) cover all of the costs?

Yes! Emmaus Worldwide covers the cost of shipping the course books. Emmaus Worldwide instructors will grade and comment on the courses. Emmaus Worldwide also covers the costs of the certificates.


3. Can I photocopy the exam sheet?

No, there are no photocopies allowed of the course text or the exam sheets. Any photocopied sheets will not be processed for grading. If your exam sheet is lost please email Marco at exams@emmausworldwide.org 

Friendly competition

Want to see how your group compares to others?

Opt-in for the competition and top scoring groups will receive a prize. Scores are based on an average of every participant in a group.

Groups must have their answer sheets submitted on time. Highest scoring groups will be announced at the end of the challenge.


Registration has now closed, but the course of Hebrews can still be purchased and studied.


Group Study Questions