Emmaus App – Digital Language Coordinator (DLC)

What is a DLC?

Digital Language Coordinator


Digital Language Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the course content on the Emmaus Bible Courses app in their designated language, as well as coordinating the correspondence effort for that language. This new role will be essential in ensuring the app is accessible and relevant across all cultures and regions where each language is present.

Reports to:

  • Digital Language Coordinators will report to the Translation Administrator of Emmaus Worldwide. Current Translation Coordinator is Elena Kernsekerns@emmausworldwide.org.
  • The width of a DLC’s oversight of a language is subject to change in the event that a language’s expansion necessitates multiple DLCs to maintain oversight


  • Upload and format courses only for the app through the Emmaus CMS platform
  • Manage the digital language work in their language (grant and oversee access to the Emmaus Bible Course CMS, manage the student management/mentoring system, etc.)
  • Develop and oversee a team/network of volunteer commenters/mentors for their language
  • Develop the Emmaus Road curriculum in their language by working collaboratively with Emmaus Worldwide and current (print) language coordinators to obtain completed translations of current courses and also develop translations for new courses.
  • Work with the International Project Team to ensure the user experience for the app is strong in their particular language (determining Bible translations, translation of instructions, etc.)
  • Work in collaboration with other Digital Language Coordinators (of other languages) and the International Project Team to ensure the app experience is consistent across all languages
  • Work with the International Project Team to manage the database of users for their language
  • Work with the International Project Team on marketing plans for the app (specific to their language)

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ with good character and demonstrated testimony
  • Must understand and adhere to the Core Values of Emmaus International, and seek to fulfill its Mission and Vision
  • Must be part of and recommended by a local church
  • Should preferably be a native-language speaker in their designated language, and have a competent education
  • Must be able to represent and respect the requirements of all Emmaus ministries within their particular language group (including possible dialect subdivisions)
  • Should have an average level of technical expertise (email, web browser, basic software applications) or a partnership with someone else who does have tech expertise
  • Must have administrative ability (work collaboratively from a distance, oversee volunteer work, manage student database, etc.)
  • Should have consistent access to a reliable internet connection


  • As the one responsible for comments/responses, they must have comments completed within 3 days of being submitted by a student
  • Make good comments on submitted courses according to the commenting guide
  • Helping decide on 2 bible translations (formal and dynamic equivalence)
  • Help gauge interest, desire, and opportunity for the app in their language