buried by baptism

Baptism! Few subjects have caused more concern or more controversy. This should warn us at the outset of our study that this course is going to take us into some of the thornier passages of the New Testament!

But that should not deter us. Many of the problems will tend to vanish when passages are studied in the light of their contexts and in the light of other Scriptures dealing with the theme. This course faces the problems head on and no attempt has been made to avoid them.

However, it is not enough to solve some of the problems connected with the subject of baptism. There is a clear command in the New Testament, given by the Lord Jesus Himself, that Christians be baptized. We must be brought face to face with this command.

If this course leads you to a diligent search of the Scriptures, that will be good. If it brings to you a better understanding of the subject of baptism, that will be better still. But if it leads you in the path of obedience, that will be best of all.

*Not in the Emmaus Road