A New Hymnal Initiative

The Vision

To create a platform for a new collection of hymns and songs from every era of the church to promote unity and multi-generational worship for the honor, glory, and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Printed Hymnals

  • Anthem Songs Hymnal (500 songs and hymns selected by the committee from every era of the church)
  • Anthem Songs of Worship & Remembrance Hymnal (250-300 songs selected by the committee that would be appropriate for worship and remembrance during the Lord’s Supper or communion)

Online Portal

  • Printable digital hymn sheets, chords-only sheets, lead-sheets, and lyrics only.
  • Ability to transpose into other keys.
  • Pre-made projection slides for every song.
  • Ability to connect to other projection softwares such as Proclaim.
  • Entire standard hymnal will be available to be used on tablets and smartphones.
  • Additional songs not included in the Anthem Songs hymnal.

Available Fall 2020

Any donations will help with the setup costs including copyright permissions, website portal design, song arrangement, and hymnbook printing.

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