The Emmaus Road is a series of 24 courses designed to guide you through the Bible from little or no knowledge to a fuller understanding of God's Word. Each course builds on the previous one, progressively teaching about Jesus Christ and His Word. This is an excellent tool for studying God's Word individually, in discipling relationships, and in group settings.


An Emmaus course is a self-guided Bible study. The study includes around 12 chapters of solid teaching content, with each chapter followed by a brief exam with multiple choice and short answer questions. Once the course and exam are completed, send them back for grading and encouraging notes.

A guide to navigate the scripture

A guide to navigate the scriptures


Emmaus courses are used around the world in 108 countries and 80+ languages. By introducing The Emmaus Road curriculum, students around the world will walk through the same set of courses, in the same order. This also enables Bible studies and discipleship to happen across languages and boarders.


The Emmaus Road is comprised of 24 courses that can be studied in your own home, when you are available. When courses are completed, simply return them for grading as you start your next course. Our courses are simple to read, yet explain the complexities of the Bible in an easy to read format. The Emmaus Road is a tool for encouraging the study of God's Word individually, in discipling relationships, or in group settings.



1) The Story of the King - This course is intended to draw any person into the biblical story of God’s love for His world and gives the context for the continuing courses.

2) The Bible - What’s in it for You - This course introduces the student to what the Bible is, how it is structured and how to navigate through it, in simple and straightforward language.

3) Men Who Met the King- After having heard the Story of the Bible, leading to Jesus, and gaining an understanding of what the Bible is, this course calls the reader to make a decision about whether to believe in the Gospel or not. This course presents 6 men who encountered Jesus and how they responded to Him.


Mile 2 - The Life Pack

4) Source of Life - a simple introduction to the Gospel of John, this course works through the entire book.

5) Lessons for Christian Living - helps the student understand all the aspects of their new life in Christ from prayer to evangelism and from battling temptation to church life.

6) Good News for All - an introduction to Romans. Here the student gets an explanation of the deeper meaning of the salvation they have received in Jesus. And it helps the student see the meaning of the Gospel they have been learning about.


Mile 3 - The Discovery Pack

7) Dying to Self: Finding Life in Christ - A guide to help you grasp the Gospel and implement it into your life by applying much of what you have been learning so far on the Emmaus Road.

8) Discovering Bible Study - A Bible study toolbox to help you increase your understanding of the Scriptures.

9) What the Bible Teaches - An introduction to the major areas of doctrine displayed in the Bible.


Mile 4 - The Preparation Pack

10) New Testament Survey - An overview that gives you a clear picture of every book in the New Testament.

11) The Gospel of Mark - A deeper look into Bible study demonstrated by exploring Mark, the simplest of the Gospels.

12) The Disciplines of the Christian Life - Practical insight into living the Christian life using the content you have so far studied in the New Testament.

Mile 5 - The Discipleship Pack

13) Principles of Biblical Interpretation - A more advanced look, with principles and examples, into how to accurately interpret and handle the Word of Truth.

14) Acts - An application of Biblical interpretation over the book of Acts to lay the groundwork of identity and mission of the church.

15) Ephesians -

16) The Holy Spirit at Work -


Mile 6 - The Redemption Pack

17) Old Testament: Law& History - A study of the Law and history revealed in the Old Testament.

18) Genesis 1-12: In the Beginning - An in-depth look into the first 12 chapters of the Bible laying the groundwork for the rest of the Bible and introducing its key theological concepts.

19) Judges - A study of Israel's pattern of rebellion, sin, and failure to keep the Law of God, emphasizing their need of a Savior.

20) Romans - A look into the apostle Paul's demonstration that Jesus’ death on the cross is the answer to human sin and Israel’s disobedience demonstrated in the previous courses of this pack.


Mile 7 - The Master Pack

21) Old Testament: Poetry & Prophecy - A in-depth study of the poetry and prophecy of the Old Testament.

22) Joseph -

23) Discovering Christ in the Psalms - A closer look at a number of the Psalms intentionally quoted in the New Testament in order to reveal Christ.

24) Hebrews - This final course is both a challenge to you to remain steadfast in your faith and an invitation to see how all the Law, Psalms, and Prophets pointed to Jesus Christ, our faithful High Priest.


The Emmaus Road – A 24 Course Curriculum – The Emmaus Road

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