Mile 1 – The Story Pack

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Mile 1 is the beginning of your journey on the Emmaus Road, our suggested curriculum for studying the Emmaus courses. The Emmaus Road has been carefully prepared to give you a quick, accurate, and deep understanding of the Scriptures. The Emmaus Road curriculum gets its name from Luke 24:27, where Jesus explains the Scriptures to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus from Jerusalem.

This Mile also serves as an evangelistic pack explaining the basics of Christianity. Take what you learn and then share it by inviting a friend to join you on the Emmaus Road!

1) The Story of the King - An inviting biblical story of God’s love for His world that gives the context for the rest of the Emmaus Road. 

2) The Bible - What’s in it for You - A simple, straightforward course introducing what the Bible is, how it is structured, and how to navigate through it.

3) Men Who Met the King - After understanding what the Bible is and how it leads to Jesus, this course calls you to make a decision about whether or not to believe in the Gospel by following the responses of six men who encountered Jesus.


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