For over 75 years, Emmaus Worldwide's Correspondence School has desired to see hearts and lives transformed through the study of God's Word. Emmaus courses are printed and available in 80 languages. Over 1,400,000 Emmaus courses are now studied year each.

When you take an Emmaus course, you become a part of a larger community of Bible learning. Receive course certification, transcripts, and personalized interactions through correspondence by mail or online.


An Emmaus course is a self-guided Bible study tool. The course not only includes the commentary text, but also an exam booklet with multiple choice and short answer questions that corresponds to each chapter of the text. You can then mail the exam booklet back to Emmaus Correspondence School (grading is included for free) to have it graded and commented on by real-life individuals. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate. If you complete a set series of courses you will receive a special certificate!



As an Emmaus Connector, you provide the bridge between those in your life and Emmaus courses. You are bringing them tools to be able to know God's word better, and in turn, know Him better.

Receive a 20% off discount code to use for yourself and to share with others.



We offer correspondence Bible courses through the mail to inmates of prisons. Inmates can study right in their cell and when finished, the courses are returned for grading and encouraging notes.

We partner with local ministries and chaplains to reach hundreds of thousands of inmates each year.


This year, over 1.4 million Bible courses were distributed. That is 2.7 courses distributed per minute!

Bible courses are distributed to over 100 countries and in over 80 languages!

Partner with us to support the translation work of the courses.

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