Spanish Conference - 2017

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Spanish Conference - 2017

by Jim Fleming, Global Director

Spanish is a beautiful language, and not very complicated. However, take 16 countries speaking Spanish using a variety of vocabulary, accents, and grammar differences. Now we need a universal edition of Emmaus courses. Add a variety of Latin cultures and personalities. Top it off with different philosophies of ministry and how Emmaus is run in different countries, and you can see that four days of conference with 42 candidates can be a very exciting and interesting experience.


June 18-21 was our Third International Spanish Conference in the lush tropics of the Dominican Republic. The beaches were close, but the lectures, lessons, reports, discussions, and challenging interaction about how to improve and develop Emmaus in each country absorbed all of our time. Each country was blessed.


My title of International Coordinator comes alive at such an event, as I facilitate a platform on which they can express their success and failures. I then arbitrate so that differences become assets and not contentious, remembering that all these dedicated people are ministering voluntarily, serving the Lord, not Emmaus.


The results were phenomenal. Colombia brought a database to offer for other countries to adopt. The US office unveiled phase one of the online Spanish program. The Dominican Republic invited 10 key leaders who learned how to start Emmaus work in their provinces. The Bolivian team went home with a totally expanded vision for eastern Bolivia. The Lord used this vibrant meeting of believers to do great things, and the results will be eternal.  

Conference Attendees


Small group grappling with an issue.


Jim giving a lecture.

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