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God is doing something big. We see evidence of His work across North America, and around the world. His Word is going out in new ways. He is stirring in hearts, calling unbelievers to faith, and believers to action. This movement is affecting our ministry; we want to join in what God is doing.

When R.E. Harlow started the Correspondence division of Emmaus Bible School in 1942, the goal was to bring structured, life-changing Bible study to the everyday believer that couldn’t attend the Bible school. This remains our vision: to see hearts and lives transformed for Christ through the study of God’s Word. It is our fervent desire to carry out the goals our founders set before us, and to continually seek the right means of seeing this vision become reality.

For 75 years, God’s work through the correspondence ministry of Emmaus has continued to transform and grow to reach new people for Christ all over the world. Emmaus Courses are now used in over 100 countries on 6 continents, and our courses are translated into 80+ languages, from Arabic to Zulu. In our travels around the world, we see hundreds coming to Christ and literally thousands growing in their faith through their Emmaus studies. New churches are being planted every year in areas where groups of students are coming to Christ. We praise God for His incredible work!

Since 1942, 43 million courses have been printed! They are used in homes, churches, prisons, schools, jungle villages, and mountain huts across the globe. God continues to open doors for new ways for His Word to go out, and it’s all centered on the biblical story behind our name—the Emmaus Road.


Our name comes from Luke 24, where Jesus meets the disciples on the road to Emmaus right after he rose from the dead. After revealing the truth about Jesus shown in all of God’s Word, the disciples’ eyes were opened and their hearts burned with passion, so much so they immediately had to run out and tell others. We want this for every one of our students—for their eyes to be opened to God’s Word, and for their hearts to burn with passion for Jesus Christ.

Through most of our 75 years, we’ve been known as Emmaus Correspondence School, as nearly 100% of our ministry was through Emmaus Correspondence Courses. As we continued to grow and respond to God’s leading, it became clear that the words “Correspondence” and “School” no longer defined every aspect of our ministry. We have a strong desire to connect with North American churches and believers, and we found our name wasn’t supporting this effort. In order to open new doors for God’s work, we needed a new name.

We spent time with our team this summer here at our home office, brainstorming and praying over this important process. Many names were considered. But as we reflected on our historic identity, and the impact of God’s work around the world through the courses, it became clear. Our story is Emmaus. Our impact is international. We are Emmaus International. It’s really who we are today. This name is already opening new opportunities for God’s work to expand, both in North America and across the world.

Our new logo tells the same story as our name. The circle shape represents a globe, recognizing the worldwide impact of our courses over the 75 years of our existence. Through the circle runs the Emmaus Road, connecting us to our historic identity, and also symbolizing our desire for all who study with us to have the same experience as the disciples on the road to Emmaus—eyes opened, with burning hearts. The new Emmaus International logo is simple and iconic, and we are looking for this logo to serve us well for years to come.

Our goal is to connect the Bible to your daily walk, but the ways in which this can happen are numerous. Pray for the continued expansion of God’s work through Emmaus International, as we respond to His direction in walking through the doors He opens.


Several key logos the ministry has used over the last 75 years.


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